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Christmas Gift Guide 2009

A Skull

You can’t really underestimate the impact you can have on someone when you give them the remains of someone else’s head. Most skulls go for less than a thousand dollars (unless you need a lot of teeth, then it gets expensive). It’s macabre, people will question your commitment to civilization and it might even be a crime in some districts.

However, a skull provides its owner the eternal answer to the question “what can we talk about?” A conversation starter, the Human Skull ranks among the most incredible items you can legally purchase.*

*if you live in Oklahoma


Christmas Gift Guide 2009

Roswell “Original I-Beam Replica

Back in the 40’s and 50’s it was a popular past-time to make up cool things about yourself. Things like “my ranch got hit by a UFO” or “my children won’t grow up to be spoiled, drug smoking hippies.”

The former has its own mythos, including the existence of I-beams at the Roswell crash site that showed an alien language. No one knows what happened to the original, but it sure hasn’t stopped anyone from creating their own.

If you’re looking for that special “impact gift” that will get you remembered long after the aliens finally land their mothercraft, this is it.

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From the Notebook

Couple of quick notes:

-The Christmas Gift Guide will be a little different this year. I’ll be posting gift ideas singly. Posts won’t be forced together by theme and I doubt I’ll do too many. Sorry. This year has been a real bummer for the blog and things aren’t getting any better.

-Read Pursuit of Honor, the new Vince Flynn novel, over the weekend between classes. The book was typical of Flynn. Terror, intrigue, tough-guy-iness. Pretty good. (It’s an extension of Flynn’s previous novel, so you’ll want to check that you’re caught up before you buy). Unfortunately, the book ends abruptly anticlimatically. It seemed like Flynn had a 1000 page story to fit into a 400 page book and didn’t complete the whole story. Disappointing, but still fun.

-Some of you may have noticed the new blog toy I’ve been using. It’s a beta feature in Delicious that automatically posts my bookmarks everyday to this blog in the form of a post. This should start upping the content a little bit. I find all this cross-app funny. My Twitter account goes to Facebook, LinkedIn and my blog sidebar; my Delicious goes to my Twitter account, the sidebar, a blogpost and facebook; my blog automatically updates on facebook. I’m debating getting a facebook app on my blog sidebar to complete the incest.

-Finished reading “Hidden Prey” by John Sandford. This was the least entertaining Sandford novels I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a bunch. The story follows detective Lucas Davenport as he tries to unravel a murder in Duluth. There’s an antique communist spy ring involved (which you would think might help make this book better, but it didn’t). The flow of the story was choppy. At times Sandford failed to hold the reader’s interest. There wasn’t the humor I normally expect. Still, the book was good enough to keep me on the elliptical machine at the gym.

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