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  • October 2009
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Better than Fiction

Ignoring the fact the Twins are 25:1 underdogs in the current ALDS; the incrediblenessitness of the Twins 1-game tiebreaker against the Tigers for the AL Central title was a mind blowing deal. Mind Bottling. Ridonculous.

To understand how superlative this game was, in entertainment value, we need to compare it to something supposedly entertaining.

So, here is the WPA chart of the final game in the movie “Major League” (generally a well regarded baseball comedy):


And here is the WPA chart for game #163:

Tigers_Twins_WPA 2009 163

Any fictional game (including the summer long snore fest in The Iowa Baseball Confederacy) has nothing on what happened to spectators at the game yesterday (Tuesday)


One Response

  1. Does win expectancy factor in mediocrity? BC both the Tigers and Twins are just that, which to me throws out any and all odds for any given game scenario.
    A very enjoyable, little ride the Twins took their fans on, but seriously, how much of a formality was that ALDS? Twins should have just have ended their season on a high note with 163 and called that one the last game at the dome.

    Bc I dont want my last memory of the dome to be Nick Punto overrunning third like a tee baller.

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