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From the Notebook

-If anybody wants to make a big deal about it, today is the celebration of the anniversary of the day my life became legally protected under Roe v. Wade.

-Finished reading Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” earlier this month. I had about three weeks to read the novel and prepare a long essay on the topic to try to win a contest to help pay for some of my graduate school bills. I will probably save a longer critique of the book for a later day. I will mention I think Ayn Rand is occasionally a good storyteller. Atlas Shrugged held my interest through almost 900 pages. As a novel though, it falls apart after John Galt’s speech.

-Also finished Oliver Sacks’ “An Anthropologist on Mars”. It is a wonderful book of unusual case studies involving some fascinating bits of brain “conditions.” There is the artist who went colorblind (so colorblind in fact he lost the very memory of “color”). Another essay was about another artist who had an almost photographic memory about his childhood home in Italy. As someone interested in the field of Psychology, I found the book engrossing.

-A personal note, I finished up another quarter in the MBA program, got an A in both marketing and human resources. I’m getting to the last few classes of the program and will have to soon decide to do either a thesis or a business plan. Not sure which one to do.


4 Responses

  1. Today is the day we all celebrate the birth of the one and only Shotgun Andrade. 28 years of being the Mark Twain of the Internets, the baseball card shark, the professional long driver, the Portuguese Sanford and Son, MBA student, Judo Master, nearl…y Pro baseball player, sportswriter, state rep candidate, radio DJ, and theologian, among other talents. A man with so much to do, to say, and to write, that he doesn’t have time to sleep. Happy Birthday, old man.Read More

  2. Here Here! For the Portuguese Sanford and Son!

  3. Hey!

    Happy birthday Marty!

    When you coming down again?


    • Thanks Cap. I will give you a heads up if I ever escape this rural black hole.

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