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The September Campaign

It’s the 70th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland. I was originally hoping to write a series of posts on the invasion, but life and grad school got in the way. Instead I point you all to Mitch Berg’s excellent piece on the subject.

But, Mitch only scratches the surface. So, I’m requiring all of you to read up on the Invasion of Poland and admire the extreme bravery and tenacity of the Polish people.

(And I’ll point to some specific people to help out: There was a general who never never lost an engagement until his army ran out of ammo. There was the CIC of the Polish Armed Forces who, after escaping the ruins of Poland with his life, smuggled himself back into occupied Poland to help with the resistance. And there were the guys in the Modlin Fortress who held out for over two weeks until they were basically defending a pile of rocks with nothing but rocks.)


3 Responses

  1. I’ll tell you what. JP II. The brave stand against the Nazis. And now Poland is the only remaining officially Catholic country in Europe. Gotta respect those people.

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    • You can republish what you want, with attribution and preferably a link back to here.

      I can’t presently make anymore writing commitments however. I’m just not writing as much as I used to.

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