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Aaron Clarey: Defending Capitalism Lecture


Random Graph/Picture/Stuff Day

Thank you Google.





jet slalom

Jet Slalom, perhaps the greatest waste of time ever.

Worst. Content. Ever.

From the Notebook

-Last Thursday I attended the Rifftrax Live event in St. Cloud. It was Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett (The final MST3K crew) doing a life riffing of “Plan 9 from Outer Space” and it included a short on airline travel and a couple of sci-fi related songs. It was a lot of fun; I haven’t laughed so hard since I saw “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.” If you haven’t yet, I’d also recommend following those guys on Twitter.

-Read the entire “Strategic Human Resources Management” by Armstrong (obviously as part of a class). All I can say is, I’m not an HR kind of guy.

-After a long time of avoiding Twitter, I’m now a strong proponent of this as a tool for writers. One, getting your point across in 140 characters or less is hard and requires good writing (which suprised me) and two, it’s actually helping me get back into producing some actual content (though it’s still just a trickle). I’ve integrated Twitter, Delicious, Facebook and this blog together so everything basically appears everywhere, giving my work maximum exposure. This not the only reason I like Twitter. I just like Twitter.

-“According to http://www.friendshipstats.com I have 292 friends, 172 more than average. 79% are male, 21% are female. 61 are single, 126 are dating or married. If I contracted a deadly variant of flu, I would likely infect 11 people, 1 of whom would d…ie. When I share something on Facebook, it is typically viewed by 22 people. If I died today, an estimated 446 people would try to attend my funeral. Based on my Facebook profile, I have a 91% probability of getting married. I am likely to earn US$3.6 million and have 2.3 children over my lifetime. Calculate your own stats at http://www.friendshipstats.com.”

I thought this was funny. I don’t even know 440 people, how could so many go to my funeral? And how about that 79/21 male to female ratio? Not sure how that translates into a 90%+ probability of getting married.

-I don’t buy a lot of books anymore. Since I graduated from college I really can’t afford it. But, I and my family owned so many books I’ve been able to burn through a huge portion of the family library, about 200 books. Now though, I’m running short on books that I want to read. Kindle time? (I have hundreds of PDF book files on my computer, so getting one the newer/better Kindle versions would save me money in the longrun.) I’m just asking for advice from any Kindle owners.

Random Graph/Picture/Stuff Day

It was so popular (in a google search sense) that I’m bringing it back:








Unfinished: Essential Baseball Knowledge

-There is basically no such thing as “clutch hitting.” Some have measured small amounts of “clutch” but the effect is so small it doesn’t matter.
-Minor league stats do matter.
-Platooning hitters and pitchers works, but you have to include FB/GB information to it.
-Corked bats do the opposite of what is claimed.
-Don’t give extra at bats to bad hitters by putting them into the #2 spot in the lineup.
-OPS is way better than Batting Average
-RBIs and RS are stupid stats that tell you nothing useful.
-Nick Punto Sucks.
-Players age faster and reach their peak at a much younger age than people think, normally between age 26 and 28.

Random Graph Day

I collect a lot of graphs off of the Internet. Normally I want to post these pictures up with some text (i.e. a blog post) but don’t always get the time. So, here are a bunch of graphs to look at:




IT investment



Nothing better than violating copyright laws (uh, done for educational purposes and fair use, of course).

Who’s out in 2010?

Looking at the Twins 40-man roster, I see a bunch of players the Twins should/will/have to drop for next year:

Bobby Keppel
RA Dickey
Mike Redmond
Joe Crede
Orlando Cabrera
Matt Macri
Nick Punto
Matt Tolbert
Brian Buscher
Jason Pridie

Of these, Nick Punto is the one player I’d wager money on being here next year. In fact, I’d also wager that Punto will be the least valuable player in the majors next year (based on VORP/Win Shares).

Nick Punto–2010…A winner?

Knowing this:

BA to career

Would you think this:

Punto OPS Career

Was worth investing in?

If I had to predict Nick Punto’s 2010 OPS, it would be between .500 and .600. I would put it closer to .500. That’s terrible.

Nick Punto is on the downslope of his career, and with an expected dropoff coming soon, he should be dropped at the end of the year.

(*first graph is just an BA vs Career length age curve, the second is a graph of Nick Punto’s career OPS by year with two trendlines: a rolling average and best-fit curve.)

Unfinished: Some Thoughts on Twitter from a Luddite

the case against twitter: public bathroom wall scribblings

From the Notebook

-Hey, I’m on Twitter! I’ve also added the WP Twitter widget to the sidebar so those of you who still read blogs the old fashioned way (as I do) can now go to just one place to stalk me in my boring life. So far I’m actually seeing the appeal and usefulness of the app, something I didn’t expect.

-Read “Writing in a Convertible with the Top Down” by Killien & Bender. This book is a well circulated guide for writers. Not sure why. It’s writing is somewhere between saccharine and maudlin, with a touch of florid girlishness. In a word, terrible. I like reading books on writing. It’s a good habit for writers to continue to learn the trade. But wow, who thought this book was worth publishing? Written as letters between two writers (one a poet, the other a teacher/novelist), it was difficult to really appreciate anything about this book.