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  • June 2009
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From the Notebook

-Read “Dogs” by Wendy Boorer. It’s a reference book with brief descriptions of every recognized dog breed (as of 1980). Surprisingly well written. The author had a wonderful control of language. I’d been paging through this book my entire life, so I’d probably already read it. But it was worth reading cover to cover. I never write about it, but I am a dog lover. The book is long out of print, so good luck finding a copy. But if you do, enjoy.

-My new Facebook user name is marty.andrade. So, if you want, you can visit http://www.facebook.com/marty.andrade add me as a friend and read all the superfluous crap I put on my facebook page.

-If you ever want to learn how not to putt, watch Robert Allenby play a round of golf. It’s already improved my putting.

-Saw “Drag me to Hell” over the weekend. What a great thriller/horror (from the guy who did the “Evil Dead” films). I thought it was fun, with some ridiculous scenarios (I now have to rethink how I store my anvils). It was very inventive, and yeah, some scary stuff too. My friend Ben Wetmore expands on the scary. What I love most about the film is the strict adherence to horror film morality. When the protaganist asks herself what person deserves to be dragged to Hell, the audience knows the answer.

-Finished the short story “The Speckled Band” by Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle, a Sherlock Holmes adventure. Read it through DailyLit.com. Fun stuff, I hope to read more Sherlock Holmes stories (never read one before).

-Was just at a friend’s wedding this weekend and realized some 75% of the people I would describe as “friends” are married and about half of them have kids or are expecting. I wonder what the odds are I’ll be the last bachelor among them (pretty good would be my bet).

-I have a ten page paper to write this week, plus a shorter two page paper and I need to put the finishing touches on yet another paper. So, I’ll be busy. Expect light posting. Of course, half the time all the computer time involved in writing papers leads me to more posting. So, expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed.


4 Responses

  1. You forgot about Granpda O. You think he will get hitched before you?

    • No, but I don’t think he counts. But it will be pretty sad if it’s just Stumpy and I hanging out at the Chatterbox Pub every Saturday as we go through our mid life crises.

  2. what else did you like about drag me to hell?

    we can both have a race to the bottom to see who gets married last.

    • I saw the movie as a morality play. The main character actually commits a number (or all, depending on whether you agree with St. Aquinus’ interpretation) of the deadly sins during the film. We see envy, gluttony, acedia, pride, vanity, lust (sorta), greed and wrath.

      I’ll even admit I found the film freightening. The viewer is subjected to an intense range of emotions. As a piece of cinema it was art.

      The best parts of Evil Dead, the Excorcism of Emily Rose (or the Excorcist) and even “meet the parents” were thrown together to make this the, uh, feel good hit of the summer.

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