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From The Notebook

-“Does not work well with others” might be a phrase I put on my tombstone, as I’ve heard it a lot in my life. Well, there must be some truth to it, as my Team/Group Work Tools class in my MBA program handed me the first blemish on the transcript. I ended up 8 points short of an “A” and will have to settle for a “B” and a 3.57 GPA this quarter.

-The next class in the MBA program is Managerial Accounting. Just spent 150 bucks on the textbook. Since I haven’t had a math class in six years, my confidence isn’t very high.

-Suing good Samaritans is a bad idea. For the past few years I’ve spent time as a CPR/Safety instructor for the Red Cross. Part of my course deals with barriers to giving care, and fear of legal repercussions is normally the first or the second fear mentioned by every class. Far more people will be hurt by this than will be helped.

-Looks like the Strib’s recount tool was right; challenged ballots favored Franken. Since there are still 1350 rejected absentee ballots, we still don’t know who actually won this election, if anybody. For the first time in my life, I found the Strib’s coverage of a news event worth my attention. 

-As part of the GBWW 10-year reading program I finished Rabelais’ “Pantagruel” (Burton Raffel translation). It’s the story of a giant in France who makes fun of stuff.

-Also as part of the GBWWTYRP December mop-up I finished three of Montaigne’s Essays I had skipped over earlier. (Measure of Good and Evil, On Cannibals, Upon Some Verses of Virgil). The latter of the three was interesting as it dealt with the eternal question of the battle between the sexes, the other two weren’t memorable. Montaigne is sorta boring (but it might just be the terrible translation I had).

-Next year, with the MBA program, I’m going to put the Great Books reading program on sabbatical. This is not to say I’ve abandoned the program. My goal for next year is to read Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, finish Plato’s Republic, read Dante’s Divine Comedy and pick off a few other books from the larger program. This delay will also allow me to procure more modern translations for future books on the reading list.

-Let me add my voice to the chorus of those lamenting KSTP’s firing of T.D.Mischke. For several years I listened to his show religiously. I even own his “Best of” CD. The management at KSTP continues to lose my respect.

-And after KSTP’s firing of longtime producer “Kodiak,” let me say I have no more respect for them. Kodiak should have had his own show.

-A peak over at JT’s Twins Blogshows he’s trying out some familiar old new digs. Pretty soon, don’t be surprised if he moves over to WordPress and uses a clipping from a Francisco Goya painting for a header.

-I read through Seth Stohs Twins Prospect Handbook. I’m very impressed by the amount of work he put into it and it’s tool potential for Twins fans. I’ll be writing up a longer review for the Bleacher Report sometime.

-As for Seth’s “‘Expert’ FB Picks” deal I did this year, I didn’t finish last. And that’s all I got to say about that.

-Read “Spytime” by Bill Buckley. It was a novelization of the life of CIA Counter-Intelligence man James Jesus Angelton. It’s typical Buckley prose, artfully done and interesting.

-Read Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars epic “Thrawn Trilogy“. All three books, took five days. Without a doubt, they are the best Star Wars Expanded Universe books I’ve ever read, clearly Zahn is someone who knows how to write a good story.

-I’ll be adding TC Daily Liberalto my blogroll. Mr. Rosenberg writes a very good and thoughtful blog, one I’ve found myself reading more and more.


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  1. Thanks! I really appreciate that.

  2. I promise you I will not be using any Goya. Anything else is fair game . . .

  3. Fear not mathematics and accounting. They have nothing to do with each other. The mathematical part of accounting is basic arithmetic. Learning accounting is like learning a new language that only has 100 words that matter.

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