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Christmas Gift Guide VI: Old Candy Bars

One of these days, when I’ve caught up on my meditations and introspections, I’ll understand why something like an obscure, obsolete candy bar can take such a hold of people.

But I’ve seen it often. Whenever the opportunity has presented itself, I’ve purchased some old candy bar (old brand name anyway, not some 40 year old bar) from some novelty store and given it as a gift to some person who (let’s not call them old…) remembers JFK getting shot.

And it never fails, the recipient’s eye’s light up, they relive something or other, and suddenly the Clark Bar I’ve purchased becomes the best Christmas present they’ve recieved in the last decade.

So, even though it is too late for this year, stock up on “Classic Candy Bars” for all your gift giving needs over the next year:

Travel Back in Time with Our Candy Bar Sampler

These sweet sensations will bring you back to the days when choosing which candy bar to pick was your biggest decision. Now the choice is easy because you-or a lucky devil on your gift list-can have them all. Our 12-bar candy sampler includes two each of the following: Zagnut, Clark, Sky Bar, Mallo Cup, Valomilk, and Ice Cubes.

6 all-time favorite candy bars
A great stocking stuffer



3 Responses

  1. Oddly enough, I purchased this for my dad this Christmas…here’s hoping he likes it! :-)

    • He will, and if he doesn’t, give me his number so I can chew him out for not fitting into my worldview

  2. Update: he LOVED them! The only thing that was sub-par, in his opinion, were the mallo cups. Evidently they tasted better as a 10 year old. Who knew.

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