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Compared to Congress

All of the candidates for higher office are well liked:

Palin has had a bad month thanks to what I consider bad handling by the McCain campaign, but in the end, these sorts of numbers are very surprising given the political atmosphere the last few years.

Unfortunately, this also probably means Obama will win easily unless he does something, well, unlikable.


5 Responses

  1. You call having a negative favorable/unfavorable being well-liked? Whether it was due to mismanagement or simply people not liking what they saw once there was some exposure, Palin is certainly NOT well liked right now. Undoubtedly, the explanation picked for her stunning fall from +20 to -2 by any given person will depend on how they feel about her as a political figure. Regardless of the explanation, though, that’s a terrible trajectory.

  2. Well…I said compared to Congress…

    Besides, the moves in Palin’s numbers have directly matched McCain’s. Her Favorable rating went down 8 points compared to McCains 7 points and her Unfavorable went up 14 points compared to 8 on McCain (but more importantly, her unfavorable baseline is now the same as McCain’s.

    While Palin isn’t going to be a boost for the GOP this year, she may yet have a future in national politics.

    Anyway, all of the “Unfavorable” ratings were below 50%, which is good compared to Bush. McCain’s been able to seperate his ticket from the president, for whatever good it will do him.

    The overlap between Obama’s and McCain’s favorable numbers is more interesting as it means more than 10% of the population like Obama and McCain.

  3. My reading comprehension skills are clearly dropping drastically — believe it or not I don’t think I ever even read the post title, so I was just focusing in on “All of the candidates for higher office are well liked.” You’re absolutely right that everyone HATES Congress, so I don’t actually disagree with your point that all of the Pres/VP candidates have significantly higher favorables than Congress as a whole.

    I’m not going to flat-out say that Palin has no national future, but I think she’ll have to work hard at it to rehabilitate her image and take steps to be taken as a more serious figure. From the numbers I’ve seen, only strong conservatives view her in anything remotely resembling a presidential light. She would have a shot at being the nominee in 2012, for instance (assuming McCain doesn’t stage a remarkable comeback) — but if that race were run today she’d be toast in the general. That said, four years is a long time to lay the groundwork, and there’s nothing that says the current view couldn’t be changed.

  4. Harry Truman always had polling problems too, but the fact I had to go back that far to find a similar case shows the hole Palin is in.

  5. […] posted polling dataon Palin before and there’s even more polling dataavailable now after the election. There are […]

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