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Twenty-Seven Years Ago Today

My existence was deemed worthy of legal protection by the Supreme Court.


6 Responses

  1. 27 years ago today, in an Arkansas trailer park, the world was blessed with the great sage and master of the airwaves, Martin “The Shotgun” Andrade.

    Former MSA losers, MN Daily editors, the other 8% of people who successfully graduated from Alexandria High School, lefty bloggers, disgrunted former radio gomers, many U of M profs, and even a few Repub hacks may not choose to celebrate this day. However, many friends of “The Shotgun” are grateful for his existence and shall celebrate his birth.
    The “plebe” for one shall drink to the health of the aristocracy of blogdom, Martin Andrade, and I wish that everyone else raise a glass tonight to toast his birthday.

    -Happy Birthday,

  2. That’s just about the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me Plebe…

    So who are you, and where’s the real plebe?

  3. It’s nearly the same thing I write every year.

    Your friends are indeed glad you are around. You had a net positive effect on the college years of all of us, back at the ol’ U. Heck, I might have stayed with those CR losers hadn’t you pointed out how foolish they were. (first semester before I transfered, but I started attending the always tense CR/Camp GOP meetings.)

  4. Not sure what about the life of a Campus Republican you so enjoyed…the late hours spent postering, the endless seething acts of stupidity in MSA, the threats from highers ups, the lack of female membership, the knowledge you had sacrificed years of valuable brown nosing…whatever

    but I appreciate the sentiment.

  5. Hey, I enjoyed it. Those things you mentioned made it fun. And like I said, we were glad we were Campus Republicans, not College Republicans. We didn’t brown nose nobody; they did.

  6. How about eating at Fat Lorenzo’s, followed up by a chocolate volcano? Or watching dyer clean the bio-science building drunk? Or enjoying an afternoon at a recruitment table eating chick-fil-a? Or ditching hank at our party to go eat white-castles while he got a citiation?

    hmm…how many of these involve food?

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