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Liveblogging the Prez Debates

If there are even going to be any Presidential debates today.

Debates start 8pm CDT

During the liveblog you can make comments or ask questions.

Click below, I’ll try to start it up a few minutes early in case there’s anyone so enthused they want to start sending in questions and comments early. Also, I’ll have the “political hack” hat on, not the “ideological purist” hat. You can click below and get an emailed reminder. I’ll also probably do a gabcast podcast after the debate with my final thoughts.

Click Here

Update: Did not know “Miracle at St. Anna” was a three hour movie, and I should have checked. So, I didn’t get back in time to start the liveblog. So I’m starting it now and it will run it for a couple of hours as I watch the debate finish up and watch the first part of the re-run.

Update: Final results of the most pathetic attempt to liveblog ever are after the jump.

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Liveblog results, Twins WIN in OT

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Final White Sox Game (09/25/2008) 
Powered by: CoveritLive

This is the big one, the Twins can go into the last series of the year against the worst team in the Al Central up on the White Sox

Slowey gets out of the 1st with three flyballs. Â He’s an extreme flyball pitcher so it’s very likely there will be balls going out tonight. Â The key for him is to keep baserunners off of the bases and make those home runs solo jobs

Gavin Floyd is pitching for the White Sox, he is a lesser talent compared to Slowey

I should say, Floyd is the lesser talent right now. Â I haven’t tried to project him into the future yet

Twins get lucky on a KenGJr misjudge and score first, Mauer is on right now though. Â Â He hit that ball really hard.

Okay, Yes, Slowey is the better pitching talent, he projects a lot better than Floyd


Like usual, I’m doing this from work, so interruptions are to be expected

What has made Punto not so bad this year? Â He stopped trying to be a good hitter. Â In 2006, when he wasn’t terrible, he swung at pitches early in the count and got fat fastballs he could drive. Â In 2007, when he was horrendous, he took more pitches and tried working counts. Â He tried being a moneyball player. Â Terrible. Â Now he’s back to mediocrity, not craptitude, and his presence is semi-tolerable


Punto is actually doing a good job of hitting pitches outside the zone this year. Â It appears to correlate with success for Punto, so his key is getting those fastballs wherever they are, even if outside the strike zone, and driving them. Â It’s almost like Punto is a perpetual pinch hitter (the traditional rule of thumb for pinch hitters is to swing at the first fastball which is close enough to hit.

Twins hitters are getting good wood on the ball, so it’s just a matter of time before the balls start dropping

Cabrera hits a homerun to tie the game on a hung breaking ball. Â Solo job.


There was a collision in the outfield where Gomez and Span hit each other and Gomez knocked the ball out of Span’s glove. Â Sometimes Gomez has too much range. Â The ball was in right field near the baggy, this is the right fielders territory. Â

It’s a mental error which cost the Twins the lead


Buscher made another boner, so the Twins gave the White Sox 5 outs and it cost the Twins 2 runs

I don’t know why Gardy is warming up Guerrier, does he want to lose the game?

Slowey gets in trouble because of 2 boners and suddenly he’s at risk of getting yanked? Â Whatever

Well, Slowey did something inexcusable too, hitting AL with an 0-2 count. Â You can’t afford to do that

Three runs will score on a Slowey error. Â May not have been an out at first, but throwing the ball away cost two runs

6 runs in the inning, Guerrier comes in. Â 6-1 Twins

Basically, the game is now out of reach for the Twins

The reason I say this is because the Twins don’t have a lot of power. Â In order to score runs, you need 2 things: Baserunners and guys to drive baserunners in. Â i.e. OPS. Â Twins are 9th in the AL in OPS. Â More damningly, the Twins are 10th in slugging. Â This handicaps them from being able to score lots of runs effeciently

The Twins are 5th in on-base-percentage though, so we should be able to get the requisit number of baserunners. Â

I shouldn’t close the door on the Twins so soon (and this isn’t just because they just scored thanks to a Gomez triple).

They have shown the ability to come back and win games when down by a lot. Â They also grind (like most professional teams). Â With the season on the line, they’re not in a position to lay down

Well…Span with the Double, I guess I won’t get to quit early

Commercial reading material today? Â Aaron Clarey’s “Behind the Housing Crash”

highly recommended

What when wrong with Guerrier?

I think it’s just fatigue. Â His walk rate is up and he’s giving up more HRs per FB, but…his SO rate and other numbers are unchanged. Â He’s having a hard time locating his pitches, it’s tough to do when your arm feels like rubber, and his misses are either getting pounded or he’s walking guys.

Back to back walks=baserunners=guys who get to walk in when HRs happen

Twins are 21st in MLB in Deffensive Efficiency, which means we are a below average defensive team. Â If we hit more home runs, it wouldn’t bug me

Not that it bugs me now

Just about closing time


Buscher has been really disappointing in the last two months

Checking out, thanks for reading (both of you)


Liveblogging the Twins, Again

Click Here

Update: Wow, that was an awesome game. I finished watching the game while on an elliptical machine at my gym, which meant I was on the machine an hour and a half. Didn’t do much weightlifing after that. With the Twins up a half game going into the final series, the weekend becomes really important. I might be liveblogging more games this weekend (the last one before MBA stuff starts).

The results of the liveblog after the jump.

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Liveblog of Slowey’s Start against White Sox

It Won’t Stop

My review of “An American Carol” continues to get attention. I have closed down comments on that post. There is one thing I’d like to clarify about the post, and it has to do with the opening section:

Back in the ol’ underclassmen days at college I befriended a number of budding garage band music artists who were always happy to give me their home-burned CDs that were destined to take them to high places. They all sucked. Every song. I keep these little mementos as a reminder some people shouldn’t have dreams. Of the many terrible qualities of these songs is their piercing ability to stick to your psyche long after you’ve tried drinking the memories away.

One of the many songs still stuck in my head eight years after I heard it for the first and only time is a nice little number entitled “Sick of America” by some liberal student I knew. Much like the title, the song was an endless predictable rhyme about how other nations are more fun than America. I’ll even admit other nations have their charms and youth should be spent exploring the world and expanding horizons. It doesn’t mean the song doesn’t suck.

I mention all of this only because I’m reviewing the latest David Zucker film “An American Carol.” The movie targeted America haters and reinforced an idea that had been in my head for a long time; if you’re sick of America, leave.

Yeah, people have found a lot to be offended at in the review.

In my defense, I was referencing a song none of you had ever heard.

So here it is.

And here are the lyrics:

Hit me with Magic Wong
Send me to Africa
Send me on a magic spell
Send me to India

Sick of America
Tired of USA
Tired of this place
Get me away

I would have gotten the lyrics down for the entire song, but the spirit was unwilling.

Before posting up this song, I had listened to it one time in my entire life. Since then, the lyrics will occasionally return. It’s annoying.

The singer was a guy I knew from college. Good guy, artistic, liberal to left, personable. This is no attack on him. In fact, I think he’d be proud of himself for creating a song which has stuck in a listener’s mind for the better part of a decade.

So there you have it, I still stand by what I said:

If you’re sick of America, leave


See An American Carol, in theatres October 3rd.