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  • September 2008
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Personal Update

It’s not that I’m not writing anything, just not on the blog.

Presently I am working on two Bleacher Report columns and an end of season MLB Awards ballot that all the community leaders in the MLB section of the Bleacher Report were given.  Plus, the 2nd edition of the Burger Tour (with 3 new joints and 2 new essays) is getting worked on.

However, this week’s lack of posts might be indicative of things to come.

On Monday I start my MBA program.  There won’t be any fooling around.  The MBA program becomes my #1 priority.  This blog gets pushed down the priority list.

This is not to say I’ll be quitting the blog.  Hardly.  But it might become one of those annoying one-post-a-week-on-something-everyone-else-has-already-talked-about blogs.  I also might start liveblogging more.  It’s easy and well…pointless.  But fun.

There will be a Christmas Gift Guide this year too.  I’ve been doing those since before I started blogging.  (2002 was the first year if I remember correctly).  I’ve been warning people, it might be the most offensive Christmas Gift Guide Ever.

As it is, if I lose readers, I lose readers.  I don’t care.  The amount of debt I’m taking on requires I take this stuff seriously.