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  • June 2008
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From the Notebook

-To show everyone just how obsessed I am with the Christmas Gift Guides, I’m already working on the 2008 series. I’m starting to get to the point where all the funny ideas I had, have already been used. It’s getting more difficult to keep the Gift Guides fresh and funny, unexpected. The harder part is to keep from getting too weird as well. Just looking at my notes for this year, the series might even get a little more disturbing than normal.

-I’m still without internet at home and only internet I can access regularly is at my workplace or at Culvers. It’s frustrating but it is givinng me plenty of time to write posts in advance. With the scheduling tool provided by WordPress I only need to access the Internet once or twice a week but sometimes material gets a little thin, like it did earlier this week.

-With all the recent talk about the GOP and what can be done to save it this year (short answer, not much), it got me thinking about what I thought the ideal conservative representative would be. Well, my vision was clear. I think of conservatives as being back bench representatives who sit, smoke cigars, drink fine cognac and laugh at what is happening before them. They grab the floor whenever possible to delivering entertaining speeches about how whatever the House is trying to do won’t work because it fights human nature. Occasionally their votes matter. They’re not even the majority of whatever body they belong to. Maybe it’s too pessimistic a vision, but I rather like it.

-A project I’ve been thinking about for a long time but nobody ever seemed to think much of it was my idea for an online, hyperlinked US constitution. Every passage and every section would be hyperlinked to a directory of information on SCOTUS cases, legal historical notes and anything else relevant to allowing for research and analysis of the US Constitution. Personally, I think it would be a great resource. Maybe I’m wrong.

-I will be appearing on Dave Phipps’ Creative Department radio show on 1450 KNSI July 6th at noon. The Burger Tour book is the topic. I have implied oral consent to record and podcast the interview after the show appears so look for that in a couple of weeks.

-Another Weekly Twins Whatnot has appeared, with my contributions, available at the Bleacher Report.


2 Responses

  1. Marty, I have had this idea bouncing in my head for nearly a decade. I would love to help you.

  2. Not sure how or where to start on it though

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