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Unfinished: Writing (Life) is Unrelenting

“Clearly, blah blah blah”

During my reporting from the convention I used this phrase nearly a dozen times over 5 posts.

The key to good writing is to avoid using the same phrase over and over. The same is true for conversationalists as. Phrases used too often become abused and the reader or listener start to focus on the phrase rather than the message. I had a teacher who would say “Blah Blah a Variety of Different Things” which was not only redundant but maddening. Another teacher would say “with the idea that…” over and over. I once counted him using that phrase over 100 times in less than a half hour.

It’s so hard to write and speak well. We all have verbalized pauses (ah, umms, andah…) but some of us try to outsmart our minds and replace a verbalized pause with a phrase. This is what led to my Health teacher using the phrase “A variety of different things” fifty times a class and nearly brought about a classroom rebellion.

For years I have tried very hard to speak and write well. But evertime I removed or fixed something another would take its place.

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