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Let’s Get This Party Started

Just after I clean some things around the ol’ new-blog. I’ll be adding a bunch of links to the sidebar (and I’ll keep the links up on the old blog for those of you obsessed with your TTLB ranking). Below this post is flotsam from some of my stranger and less coherent blogs, including the ever popular “LinkDump and ShowPrep page” so pay it no mind. All of my posts from the blogger blog are going to get moved over here June 1st.

Please note on the lefthand sidebar the “interestin’ stuff” column. Those are articles or webpages that caught my eye while surfing but not enough to get me to write a post about it. I’ll be making a bunch more changes over the coming weeks. I would like to get some intial reactions to the new blog, if so willing.

I’m going to be away at the MNGOP state convention where I hope to do some blogging but it will prevent me from getting to a lot site management. But, rest assured, the move is permanent so please update your bookmarks and links. Thanks.


3 Responses

  1. Ok, the blogroll has been adjusted in anticipation of June 1. I must say that I like the new look. However much you may have liked “ol’ baby blue”, this is a tremendous improvement.

  2. Nice digs!

  3. congrats on the new site.

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