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The US Senate

There’s been a lot of focus on the presidential campaign, but how are the GOP Senate hopes looking?

Really bad:

Overall, that’s a likely Democratic pickup of five seats, with an eight-seat gain possible, and, in a partisan wipeout, a 12-seat shift.

Mon dieu!

In all likelihood, the filibuster will still remain a theoretical Republican option, but, in practical terms, may be beyond reach, especially if Obama wins the White House.

And what about party ID?

While the two parties are normally about tied in party ID, the Democrats now enjoy a 44-30 advantage in the latest Fox News poll of April 29.A combination of the Iraq war, gas prices, the credit crisis and a looming recession are dragging down the Republican Party, big time.

So is a president with a 28 percent approval rating.

Yeah, that’s bad.

It’s funny, I had a conversation with some GOP hacks a few weeks ago and they were certain there was a huge population of conservatives who would come out of the woodwork and save 2008 for the GOP. Well, they don’t exist. Unless they’re Sasquatch. And those guys don’t vote in large numbers.


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  1. We’re not doing so hot for President either: http://2008prezcrystalball.blogspot.com/

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