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Unfinished Draft: McCain Strategy

John McCain’s Message

Traditionally, the best way to formulate a message in a political campaign is to focus on your strengths and attack your opponent’s weaknesses. From PollingReport.com, here is a poll comparing McCain to Obama from the perspective of the voters:

McCain / Obama
“Is the stronger leader”
46 / 42
“Has the better experience to be president”
71 / 18
“Would do more to bring needed change to Washington”
29 / 59
“Has better knowledge of world affairs”
65 / 24

For McCain to try to convince voters he’s a “change” candidate who understands the plight of the common man would be futile. Trying to convince voters of something they don’t already believe almost never works (regardless of truth). Instead, McCain can reinforce how voters look at Obama and himself. this entails

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