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Personal Update

-Wanted to mention my opinions on matters baseball can be found (along with other people’s opinions) in this article composed once again by Andrew Kneeland.

-Thanks to Dan Stover and Mark Heuring for plugging the Burger Tour

-In my book review catchups I forgot to mention Kevin Favero’s book “The Science of the Soul”. There were a lot of interesting bits of science and theology brought up in this book but Favero commits a few errors as well. He leaves his thesis open to physical investigation (mainly the chapter called “the soul/brain interface”) and if scientific instruments get accurate enough to start making certain measurements in the brain entire sections of the book could be wiped of relevancy. This book isn’t going to convince many agnostics and that’s its weakness. The best parts of the books were the problems related to explaining non-computational thinking but that falls far short of proving the existence of supernatural souls.

-The CNBC million dollar portfolio challenge is back. It starts May 12th. Last year my picks beat the market and I would have finished among the top 10% (had they fixed the unlimited portfolios issue). This year, CNBC is allowing limited portfolios, adding in some money market stuff, adding more prizes and I’m putting some of my own money on the line. Should be a lot of fun.


Beckett or Tuff Stuff

Beckett recently changed its format. Well, it sucks. They aren’t doing a lot of vintage anymore, it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for, it sucks.

Tuff Stuff, coincidentally, has expanded its vintage coverage and changed its name. Coincidentally.

I’m switching permanently to Tuff Stuff.