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Goodbye You Big Blue Bastard

This is the last day of my text-ad contract. The nightmare is over.

martinandrade.wordpress.com is the new site


One Last Little Thread

For old time’s sake.

Some Baseball Stuff

I contributed to the May Power Rankings (MLB stuff ranked) and to the Twins Weekly Whatnot column.

At the MNGOP State Convention

Notes and Thoughts from the Convention Floor:

On the convention floor, there is wireless but it’s expensive so I’m going to need to find some internet elsewhere. It doesn’t matter, as my computer’s battery was drained and it’s a perpetual struggle to keep the computer running. (There aren’t any power outlets anywhere so it’s a bit of a pain keeping the computer on).

So far the Convention has been pretty boring; there were some arguments about adopting the rules and some of the other normal conflicts. The Chairman of the meeting initially was a decent enough. (The lady Chairman was not bad but not great, and a little more hackish) A good chairman should avoid side conversations and there were a lot of them, but otherwise it looked like, when adopting the rules, the Chairman was being as fair as possible.

For me, the goal of running a meeting should be to allow full discussion (to protect the rights of the minority) and move the agenda when issues have been voted on and decided (protecting the rights of the majority). This was clearly the case.

There were some discussions involving the constitution committee report (snore) and a BPOU chairman was protecting his right to be incompetent (from what I could tell). Lots of discussion, not a lot of action.

[Things picked up after lunch]


-I didn’t think I’d be voting for any Ron Paul people to be delegate, but after going through the candidates one by one it looks like about a third of my national delegate votes and half of my alternate votes will end up being Ron Paul supporters.

-There are two different factions, the establishment faction called “Minnesota Conservative Delegate Team” and among the notable people on this list are Norm Coleman and Tim Pawlenty. The other faction, from what I can tell, is called “The Conservative Conscience Coalition” and these are partly Ron Paul supporters.

-The Conscience Coalition has Patty Anderson, the former State Auditor, and she appears on both lists. Another Conscience Coalition member is Barb Davis White.

-There are actually some people walking up and down the aisles with cards that say either “Yes” or “No” and presumably these people are representing the “establishment” (and I don’t mean to deride the establishment, it’s just a convenient handle. I’m sure it’s more nuanced than that).

-I was having a side conversation during the reading of the credentials committee (snore) and I got shushed. Hey, keep score when you’re watching a baseball game, the credentials committee report is the best time to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while.

-People like Derek Brigham, Scott Brooks, Andy Aplikowski, Kevin Ecker, Dan “The Ox” Ochsner and some others from my days as a conservative activist. (update: Chad, Brodkorb, King)

-I have yet to receive a business card from a CR, not sure what I will do if it happens but I’ve been trying to think up something funny.

-They’re taking away illegal literature? Huh? (All lit pieces need addresses as per FEC rules)

-Saw King Banaian, good to see him out and about. He’s a little pale though.

-Talked to King about the people walking up and down the aisles with Yes/No placards, he says it’s quite common. I’ve never seen it before, normally I just see frustrated BPOU chairs trying to urge their delegations to vote a certain way. I called another friend of mine (codename “stumpy”) and he said the same thing. I’ve only been to a couple of large conventions, and even then I’m normally skipping most of the voting. (I spend a lot of time off convention floors as I’m generally uninterested in the minutia that goes on, which is probably the big reason I have never seen those Yes/No sign guys at other conventions)

-I like the fact people were taking notes during the speeches of the National Delegate candidate’s speeches. It at least shows people were putting some thought into how they voted.

-Really, this convention was a waste of time. No endorsement battle, no leadership battles. Just some contention regarding the national delegates. Whooo…

-On that contention, I will say I think the process was unfair this year.   Ron Paul people were kept off the ballot, there were no nominations from the floor allowed, people were forced to vote for a certain number of people and there was some behind the scenes stuff I didn’t see.  It is this attempt to silence dissent which upset me.

My Ballot for National Delegates: (after the jump)

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Random Link o’ The Day


Random Link o’ the Day:


Let’s Get This Party Started

Just after I clean some things around the ol’ new-blog. I’ll be adding a bunch of links to the sidebar (and I’ll keep the links up on the old blog for those of you obsessed with your TTLB ranking). Below this post is flotsam from some of my stranger and less coherent blogs, including the ever popular “LinkDump and ShowPrep page” so pay it no mind. All of my posts from the blogger blog are going to get moved over here June 1st.

Please note on the lefthand sidebar the “interestin’ stuff” column. Those are articles or webpages that caught my eye while surfing but not enough to get me to write a post about it. I’ll be making a bunch more changes over the coming weeks. I would like to get some intial reactions to the new blog, if so willing.

I’m going to be away at the MNGOP state convention where I hope to do some blogging but it will prevent me from getting to a lot site management. But, rest assured, the move is permanent so please update your bookmarks and links. Thanks.

The MNGOP State Convention

I will do my best to liveblog the GOP state convention in Rochester, MN*. But, I will be doing it at my new blog location: MartinAndrade.WordPress.com

The blog moves over to WordPress officially on June 1st. Please adjust your bookmarks or blogroll. Thank you.

(The Convention is Friday and Saturday of this week)

Musical Fun

Weezer and YouTube People:

Update: Embedding disabled? that’s not exactly the You Tube way, but whatever.

Video still available here

The US Senate

There’s been a lot of focus on the presidential campaign, but how are the GOP Senate hopes looking?

Really bad:

Overall, that’s a likely Democratic pickup of five seats, with an eight-seat gain possible, and, in a partisan wipeout, a 12-seat shift.

Mon dieu!

In all likelihood, the filibuster will still remain a theoretical Republican option, but, in practical terms, may be beyond reach, especially if Obama wins the White House.

And what about party ID?

While the two parties are normally about tied in party ID, the Democrats now enjoy a 44-30 advantage in the latest Fox News poll of April 29.A combination of the Iraq war, gas prices, the credit crisis and a looming recession are dragging down the Republican Party, big time.

So is a president with a 28 percent approval rating.

Yeah, that’s bad.

It’s funny, I had a conversation with some GOP hacks a few weeks ago and they were certain there was a huge population of conservatives who would come out of the woodwork and save 2008 for the GOP. Well, they don’t exist. Unless they’re Sasquatch. And those guys don’t vote in large numbers.