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As a McCain Supporter

I am not at all worried about the Ron Paul “takeovers” in caucus states. Nevada (the state mentioned in the story) didn’t even go for McCain, so who cares? McCain won’t lose the nomination even with the loss of caucus states. The only problem might be that the nomination won’t unananimous, again, so what? Considering what the Democrats are going through, a little elda grátt silfur during our convention will be meaningless.


3 Responses

  1. McCain needs to sit back and shut up. He can just add a little fuel to fire here and there but let the Democrats kill themselves.

    Hilary and Obama are both slowly withering whatever chance either has by being complete idiots in a smear campaign.

    McCain has his Rep. nod locked in, he needs to just campaign for the predency and let those two bamboos throw poo at each other.

    Lovenly Always,

    John Struck

  2. Thank you. No one should be afraid of a fair and open process. It’s a closed and unfair process which will most damage our party through lost integrity and lost voters.

    It seems things have grown unnecessarily contentious this year.

  3. The Scribbler writes: “It seems things have grown unnecessarily contentious this year.”

    The Scribbler herself, in her role at Ron Paul’s state coordinator, has created this situation. Under her leadership, Ron Paul supporters have lied and cheated to become delegates to the national convention.

    Winning at all costs and integrity be darned. That’s what the Ron Paul campaign stands for her in Minnesota.

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