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Evaluation Time

Every year I ask for feedback on the blog. It’s your time now to leave insulting, offensive and libelous remarks about me and my online presence. And suggestions for improvement would be nice too.

One topic I do want discussed is the possibility of resurrecting a podcast, this time political in nature.


6 Responses

  1. 1) Time to upgrade your look. Get with the times! Blogspot is so 2004.

    2) Shill for yourself more.

    3) Podcasts of a political nature would be great. Make sure to have some guests. Also advertise yourself.

    4) Respond to your readers more often in the comment section

  2. Your blog needs more half naked hot chicks and car crashes. That bland blue wallpaper just aint cutting it.

    Also, be funny. And not sarcastic smug wine sipping cigar smoking funny, but uproariously funny.

    Add some audio/video too. Flash things up, explore technology. Maybe you could get some Marylin Manson going in the background and a self repeating .Giff file of you biting the head off a bat.

    Start liking the NFL.

    Research methods to generate traffic. Add a PhpBB forum somewhere to link with your blog, even if its seperately hosted. People like forums.

    Do a webcomic. Political cartoons are funny.

    Be explorative. I mean, everyone talks about baseball, or politics, or the war in Iraq, etc. etc., but who blogs about lesbian aliens and their link to the JFK assassination. I’m just saying…take risks…

    Invade Canada.

    That is all.

  3. Don’t forget Ole and Lena jokes. This is Minnesota and everybody likes Ole and Lena jokes. It’s important to understand your demographics.

    Alternatively, you might consider shooting a man in Reno, just to watch him die. Johnny Cash has a lot more simlarly helpful suggestions for gaining notoriety.

    Seriously, I like your blog a lot; you’re a thoughtful guy, a very good writer and I’ve recommended you to some of my readers, at least the ones who can read without their lips moving. That should give you an extra 1-2, I’d reckon.

    Mr. D

  4. Shill for myself more?

    Look at the name of the blog, how much more self promotion do I need?

  5. Gotta agree with the comments on the look – it’s way too bland for your material and insight. It looks like a “starter” blog, and after four years that’s hardly you.

    Oh, and as a wise person once told me, “more pictures of kittens.”

  6. It’s been said by others, but it’s something that I’ve thought before so I’ll mention it again. Down with the bland blue! Just don’t go white script on black background; that’s even worse.

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