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Movie Review

Eastern Promises

There were a comical accumulation of factors which almost prevented me from giving this movie a positive review. The seats at the two-dollar theatre were busted making it impossible to find a comfortable position, the technicians forgot to turn the movie on at the required time and thus the first 20 minutes were cut out, I was on a limited amount of sleep and very nearly fell into a nap and the picture quality was so poor it actually looked like there were streaks of sleet falling throughout the film.

Whenever you miss part of the beginning of a film and can still enjoy and understand the rest of the movie you wonder if the beginning of the film was really that necessary. Though some scenes of the film were a bit boggling everything fit together rather nicely and very little extra explanation was necessary. I suppose this means the first part of the film I missed wasn’t necessary. It simply makes me wonder how many other movies have unimportant beginnings or whether all beginnings are unnecessary.

The movie. It’s a film about the Russian mafia and includes everything you’d expect: dead bodies, hookers, murder, revenge killings, frightening people, funny accents. What sets this film apart from others in the genre is the inexplicable relationship that develops between a Russian thug and a local nurse investigating the death of a hooker for her own countenance.

It’s intense, dramatic and you could add in some more clichéd superlatives for good measure. As a moviegoer I don’t normally pick films involving organized crime as I can observe more entertaining knaves at the local bowling alley. Eastern promises offers so much more than simple idolization of criminal behavior. It cuts away a little at the mystery of the human condition, exposing a small truth about us in an artistic masterpiece. Totally worth the two dollars I paid to see it.


2 Responses

  1. Which cheap theater, Slim?

    We were at the Maple Grove one on Sunday. Watched “American Gangster”. Not bad, it was good compared to the other options.


  2. I was late with the review, I went to the movie the day after Orlando’s big fight, it was the Roseville theatre.

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