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A Tale of an Evil Corporation

Corporations hate people. There’s no way to get around it. After careful study of one particular corporation I have grown my consciousness and changed my own attitudes regarding the greatest imperial scourge this planet has ever known.

This one particular corporation is Tootsie Roll Industries. That’s right, the sweet confections maker has declared war on the proletariat and it’s time for a socialist revolution.

In over 100 years, the “Tootsie Roll” has never increased in price. The standard Tootsie Roll costs 1 penny today and it cost a penny in 1896. Not only has the price stayed the same, but quality has gone up. In fact, when you factor in purchasing power and inflation the Tootsie Roll has gone down in price despite the increasing quality.

Those Bastards, how dare they?


Andy Barnett

I’m saddened to learn Andy was fired from 1450 KNSI last week. I first met Andy at one of King’s St. Cloud MOB/SCBA events. It was fun talking to Andy at the event and he later invited me to his apartment for a poker tournament. It was a good time as 10 or so people from various church groups played a Texas No Hold’em tournament.

He and his wife are wonderful people and great hosts.

To me his firing seems out of line. The questions he asked of the City Council candidates about abortion and illegal immigrants have some relevance. There was the example Andy used of state funded medical insurance for city employees, there are other issues such as zoning abortion clinics and regulating protests around abortion clinics.

So sure, it has some relevence.

As for Illegal immigration, it is an issue that affects a lot of local governments, some municipalities have turned themselves into sanctuary cities and voters deserve to hear what their elected officials believe.

There’s a rub. Are voters only entitled to hear what their elected officials believe about certain relevant issues? Personally, if you don’t want people to know what you think of abortion, don’t run for office.

Would I have asked the abortion question? Probably not, I might have asked spefically about tax funded abortions for city employees. Might have but probably not.

What conservatives should understand is this works both ways. A city councilman isn’t going to undo Roe v. Wade and what few decisions they do make regarding life issues are going to generally unimportant.

Let’s say you have a very competent business person running for a city council spot in a liberal city. The business person has widespread support in the liberal city because they have solid credentials, are good with the books and have plan to improve the city that everyone wants implemented. This city council candidate might appear on a liberal talk radio show and be asked about their views regarding abortion. They, being an honest and truthful individual, tell the truth that they are pro-life but that it doesn’t matter because the issue won’t come up in any meaningful way.

Doesn’t matter, the candidate loses support because of their position on a meaningless issue. It’s a bad precedent for everyone.

Though I am pro-life, there’s no reason to deny competent candidates because of their position on that one issue when it is at best ancillary to the position[s] they are seeking.

But what is democracy without open discussion of the issues? All issues? I’d like to think our democracy can handle discussion and that voters can make up their own minds regarding the relevence of issues as they pertain to specific public offices.

In the audio clip I heard Andy was more than respectful to both candidates and he didn’t brow-beat anyone for their “light-stepping” (or dodging) the questions he asked. I haven’t heard the entire show so I can’t say for sure, but it sounded like exactly what a conservative local radio talk show host should be doing, asking questions and spurring debate.

It’s possible there was more to Andy’s dismissal than just the interview. Only the people who fired him really know.

I wish Andy the best.

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