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  • September 2007
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Personal Update

Following the failure of my wireless router I have now experienced a catastrophic computer failure and am in the process of data retrieval; I’m posting from a borrowed computer at the moment. Don’t know when I’ll be posting regularly again. Hopefully I’ll have something going this weekend (I dug out one of my real old computers out of mothballs and I’ll be attempting to resuscitate something that last ran on “Windows 3.11”)

Ad Occursum Futurum


4 Responses

  1. To Marty “the Shotgun” Andrade:

    Happy Birthday, old man. Friends dont forget.

    The one and only, Shotgun Andrade. A good person to have around.

    Everyone stop and take a moment to give birthday wishes. Drinks up to you, another go-round!


  2. I didn’t know- Happy Birthday Marty!

    I hope you can enjoy your ‘special day’.


  3. Go down to the U and steal a new computer from some student group.

    Oh wait…

  4. just take a computer and TV from the BSU office. They will report in their request with a 200% markup. Everybody’s a winner. (except the students)


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