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Family Guy

Last night’s season premier, a spoof of Star Wars, renewed my faith in Fox’s Sunday lineup. Momentarily.

And I still don’t like Family Guy.


5 Responses

  1. Did you catch any of Ken Burns’ “The War”?


  2. Aauugghh…I heard about it on my drive up to the Camp Ripley Open House and did not get back from the broadcast in time to record the episode.

    Saw the last 10 minutes and thought it was hilarious. Anyone know when it will replay or where it is available?

  3. Jen-

    I did get to see an encore presentation of “The War” today, I normally wait for Burns’ stuff to make their way unto the DVD market but it was worth the time to watch it. Might do a full post on the sibject.


    Have no idea where you could find it, maybe it’s on youtube, otherwise it’ll be in reruns next summer sometime.

    I’m sure by the time it gets into syndication we’ll all be sick of it.

  4. Notice how you write great political comments and no one responds but mention family Guy and BAM! 3-4 comments.

    But it was a great Eposide, love Star Wars stuff like that even if it mocks one of the greatest TRILOGIES ever.

    Lovenly Always,

    John Struck

  5. Didn’t South Park already mathematically prove why no one should watch Family Guy?

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