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The Problem with HillaryCare 2.0

Besides the fact nationalized healthcare will have a tremendous impact on research and development of new drugs and there are also some service issues, I have a huge problem with the fact Hillary Clinton wants to make health insurance a mandatory requirement for getting a job.

Considering one doesn’t have to be a legal resident of the United States to get a job I think there might be a problem enforcing this requirement.

That aside, the government should not be in the business of making it harder to find employment. The single greatest factor in the financial well being of any individual is getting into the workforce. Holding employment hostage as a means of forcing a country to adopt a healthcare system of questionable merits is the sign of a maniacal wannabe dictator.

Okay, that’s hyperbole. I think Hillary Clinton lusts for power but she falls well short of maniacal dictator.

For now.

Another element of the healthcare debate that needs to be brought up is the fact a vast majority of people who need healtcare get it. Hillary says 1 out of 6 pleople lack health insurance but the converse of that is 5 of 6 people get health insurance without the help of Hillary.

Of the remaining 17 percent, a great deal of them qualify for government programs but don’t apply. Another huge chunk of that group are twenty-year-olds who spend their money on stuff they use like iPods and beer rather than on what they don’t need, which is health insurance. When you remove the members of the upper and middle classes who can afford to pay their way through the medical troubles and choose not to have insurance you end up with a very small group of people who could truly benefit from a modest government program.

Of course, there are many charities for these people and pharmaceutical companies offer discounts to costumers who need the help so a government program would potentially be redundant.

The numbers change every year but the last time I looked (about 2 years ago) there were approximately 4 million people who were “in need” of assistance in paying for heathcare costs. To use the 1-2% of people who are truly needy to foist upon the country a plan to nationalize a giant chunk of the economy is probably an indicator of a power hungry megalomaniac.

That’s not hyperbole.