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Joe Mauer

He should be returning to the Twins pretty soon. JT, back from a sabbatical, noted:

The biggest star of the day, though: Mike Redmond, who went 2-for-4 with 3 RBI’s and a huge double. No wonder the Twins want to keep Chris Heintz around when Joe Mauer comes off the DL — Redmond is going to be DH’ing a whole lot, I suspect.

Well, I looked up the numbers and a Mauer as Catcher Redmond as DH scenario would be not nearly as productive as the reverse:

Joe Mauer as DH (04-07): .365
Mauer as Catcher (04-07): .320

Mike Redmond as DH (04-07): .263
Redmond as Catcher (04-07): .302

Call me crazy but I see a very clear pattern here…


3 Responses

  1. You’re crazy. I’m just sayin’ . . .

  2. I was at the game yesterday and the jumbotron flashed a stat when Redmond came to the plate with the bases loaded: “Redmond career with bases loaded – 13 for 44, 40 RBI”

    Redmond proceeded to lift a fly ball over center fielder’s head (he was playing way in) for a 3 RBI double. Make that 14 for 45 with 43 RBI. That means he averages more than one RBI per at-bat with bases loaded. I call that clutch. Joe who?

  3. I’m sure the “Joe who” was meant in jest, but I can’t let it go without saying that that’s just silly. And yes, I agree it’s clutch, but in what world does driving in 43 runs over 45 at-bats mean that you have more than 1 RBI per at-bat? Might want to check that math . . .

    Still, good point and a nice statistic that I hadn’t seen.

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