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Another New Project

This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and now there is finally a service which offers what I need. I’ve opened up the Minnesota Conservative Wikipedia. It is to be a wikipedia focused on preserving and presenting Minnesota politics from a conservative perspective. It is to be written by conservatives for conservatives. The goal is in-depth coverage of all aspects of Minnesota politics. Since the real Wikipedia has rules about notability which give it a broader, more international and more general purpose which leaves behind the minutia which I’m quite frankly more interested in I decided to start up the page. My personal goals regarding the project are humble; if I write one article a week I will more than achieve what I set out to create. The site really isn’t ready for a grand rollout but I figure if I can get some help early on I might get the ball rolling faster than I had hoped. If you want to help me out send me an email at marty (dot) andrade (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send an official invite or you can leave a comment below or you can also request inclusion through the site itself.

A few asides

I owe a hat tip to the Tommunist for the wikispaces website. He’s using wikispaces to create an online user generated Role Playing Game. Since I don’t play I won’t be participating (with respect to those who do play RPGs, I just never caught the bug. I have 4 experience in D & D and that’s where it’s going to stay, I found the whole game quite distasteful. I have a lot of RPG friends though so I no longer tirade against RPGs like I once did) I’ll probably join the Tommunist in his conservative podcast web ring, assuming Tommy sticks to it.

I wanted to also congratulate the proprietor of “Al Gore is Causing Global Warming” for his recent linkage by Wonkette which resulted in many many hits and hopefully jump started this fledgling website. I have an “in” with sources close to the website owner so I know that this website is going to become the DrudgeReport for Global Warming news. It’s edited by someone with a scientific background and they’re hoping on linking to articles skeptical of the chicken little claims made by Global Warming activists. I think the site will become a valuable resource and I encourage people to start bookmarking it now.


2 Responses

  1. http://www.startribune.com/


  2. Nice, Marty! The wikipedia entry was excellent thinking and it should serve many people well!

    Hope things are well…or at least not horrible. ;)

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