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Under Construction

I have finally been allowed to make the switch to the new blogger, a better blogger, a blogger that…okay, let’s be serious, the new blogger sucks just as much as the old blogger. The only thing I wanted out of blogger was category labels. Well, I got them and probably a month’s worth of work and heartache for it. However, in honor of the new blogger I’d like to begin this new stage in the evolution of this blog by announcing the first post category: Blogger Sucks.


3 Responses

  1. Not to rain on your suck parade, Marty–but I just was able to switch to the new blogger yesterday–

    There is a day and night difference between the new and old.

    The new has much easier access to the dashboard, and the publishing time is around a tenth of what it used to be.

    With regard to the new blogger, at the risk of being politically incorrect, color me impressed.

  2. New=Bad

    That is like the third or fourth fundamental principle of conservatism. Where did you get your conservative credentials Leo, Canada?

    I guess you just can’t trust someone who uses the nicer, neater, easier, better looking and more stable Firfox Web Browser at all.

    I bet you stopped using your typewriter too and that you don’t own a car with a carburetor. Let me tell you Leo, I still brush my teeth with a bone and pig bristle tooth brush. I say if it was good enough for the founders of our great nation it is good enough for me.

    (Patriotic music playing in the background)

  3. Yes, this is w-a-a-a-a-y late…
    I like the new Blogger. The categories are a bit disappointing (I cannot figure out how to put them at the top of the posts; maximum of 20 labels per post).

    It seems more stable than the old Bloggers and when publishing changes to the blog template it takes only a few seconds as opposed to several minutes with the old. I have yet to have a publishing crash, unlike the old Blogger where template publishings were a 50/50 shot.

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