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Blogcast 6pm Tonight

Andy Aplikowski joins me for some national political discussion. You can listen to the live webstream on this link and you can also listen to the recorded show after that. The call in number (don’t worry, you can still listen to the show while on hold) is: (646) 652-4947

You can also listen to the podcasts with the below media player which I will be putting into the sidebar somewheres. I pretty sure you need to go to my host page to listen live.

Andy and I will discuss Norm Coleman, the War in Iraq; the GOP presidential field and whatever else might catch our fancy.


4 Responses

  1. Not bad, but the sound quality is a little lacking, something along the lines of an old transistor A.M. radio.

  2. I thought the podcast was good.

    As for sound, it was okay. It wasn’t poor, at least for me. But I did have to turn up the volume higher than other podcasts, and it was still medium volume.
    But hey, it was the first time, and the technical stuff is not your fault.

  3. Thanks Marty. that was fun. A little weird at first, but very fun. You run a great show. I hope the rest went well.

  4. Thanks again AAA.

    Right before the show I took a call while I left the show on call waiting, when I switched back to the show I couldn’t hear nor could I be heard though both my phone and the host dashboard said I was on the air. I accidentally hit my intro music button twice and that’s what made the beginning so messed up.

    I would like to say that it’s going to be really hard to up the sound quality on this until I either start spending money on a premium Skype account or I drop big money on a phone hybrid for my home studio. Since both AAA and I were on cell phones it was not going to sound as good as my other podcasts.

    Listening to the podcasts, other than the hitch at the beginning I thought it went rather well. Thanks all for listening.

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