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Grade the Blog

I’m approaching my “3rd blogday” or whatever that day is called when you first started blogging. The blog is about to turn three years old and every year I give my readers the chance to really stick it to me (more so than usual). Please, grade this blog in the comments section of this post. Also, tell me what you think of my latest effort to get podcasts on the blog. What about the Twins Podcast? Etc, etc. I encourage people to be as mean as possible (more so than usual). I might not actually listen to your advice or try to improve the blog based on your grades and criticisms but I’ll at least read them…that’s something…right?


9 Responses

  1. Lately your blog hasnt been as comprehensive in analysis of current events. I’m guessing that’s a post-election hangover.
    And sometimes there are periods where all you do is post quick links for a period of consecutive days. That’s boring.
    The podcasts and twins podcasts are enjoyable. You should maybe alternate them by week on a specific day so it can be something readers (or listeners) can count on.
    Also, I agree with a previous comment on a differernt thread, you are too self-depricated about the technology you use to podcast with in your podcasts.

    – Just Hank

  2. Damn straight JH, self-depricated. Big word.

    I thought the last podcast went very well.
    Slim, if you hadn’t of bitched about the technology, we would have thought it went perfectly.
    You done good on the big things; things that concerned you earlier in your radio life. Long pauses, ummms, lack of words, etc are problems you’ve overcome. So time to cowboy the fuck up, Private.

    Also, royalties are due on the use of the shit/donkey wisdom. Johnny Walker Blue Label will suffice.

    Burnout is probably the biggest concern for any blogger. So a random link or quick words are okay.
    Only problem is that it attracts certain Polacks to post anything totally unrelated to the post.


  3. sorry, it’s Johnnie Walker. Blue Label.

    -illiterate plebe

  4. plebes don’t drink $200 a bottle whiskey

  5. Yes they do, if they can extort it from the aristocracy of blogdom, Shotgun Andrade.

    But I’ll settle for some Red Label; in fact, I’m enjoying some right now. So there, Anonymous.


  6. Your blog needs more car chases and hookers.

    And a catchy theme song. Something with 80’s synthesizer music playing in the background, like knightrider or airwolf.

  7. sorry, “self-depricating” is the grammatically correct adjective. You the man, Plebe, even if you gave up on socializing with your old buds.

    Just Hank

  8. Black Label was the favorite of Winston Churchill, so I might share a bit o’ that next time I come to visit.

  9. Yes, Black Label was, good research Shotgun. When Churchill was touring the country with Truman by train, they tried to feed him good ole Bourbon. Sir Winston said no way. The train had to stop while a case of Black Label was procured.

    I read a few biographies on the guy in the last few months. The more you read, the more you are impressed.

    -literate plebe

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