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  • January 2007
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Personal Update

I will be interviewed on Jeff Straub’s Twins Fan Network Podcast tonight and it should be posted up on Jeff’s website sometime Friday. I’m also reading up on the history of the Superbowl and that should end in a post before Sunday. Tomorrow is the third anniversary of my entry into the blogosphere and I’ll write up a post about that. I am going through the process of updating my blog as you all know. The first project is categorizing all my previous posts from this blog (all 1500 of them). After that I will be moving about 300 posts from my other blogs and incorporating them into this one. I will be adjusting the sidebar quite a bit and I will be updating Da Roll. It’s a big project that’s going to take a while. If you have any suggestions about additions or subtractions to the blog please leave a comment or email me. The end result of all this updating and construction is I will have less time to actually post for a while.


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Under Construction

I have finally been allowed to make the switch to the new blogger, a better blogger, a blogger that…okay, let’s be serious, the new blogger sucks just as much as the old blogger. The only thing I wanted out of blogger was category labels. Well, I got them and probably a month’s worth of work and heartache for it. However, in honor of the new blogger I’d like to begin this new stage in the evolution of this blog by announcing the first post category: Blogger Sucks.

Blogcast 6pm Tonight

Andy Aplikowski joins me for some national political discussion. You can listen to the live webstream on this link and you can also listen to the recorded show after that. The call in number (don’t worry, you can still listen to the show while on hold) is: (646) 652-4947

You can also listen to the podcasts with the below media player which I will be putting into the sidebar somewheres. I pretty sure you need to go to my host page to listen live.

Andy and I will discuss Norm Coleman, the War in Iraq; the GOP presidential field and whatever else might catch our fancy.

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First Live Blogcast Tomorrow

Tomorrow at 6pm I will be having my first live blogcast thanks to BlogTalkRadio. The show is really live, you can actually call in and I’m pleased to announce that Andy Aplikowski will be joining me as we talk national politics. It will be short, we’re scheduled for fifteen minutes but we might (and can) go longer if we get on a roll. I will be posting up the phone number later on today. This first edition is more or less a test run and I’ll be working to get as many kinks out before I start using BlogTalkRadio regularly for the upcoming Twins Podcasts. If you don’t catch the show live you can catch a podcast of it later on. Stay tuned, more to come.

Grade the Blog

I’m approaching my “3rd blogday” or whatever that day is called when you first started blogging. The blog is about to turn three years old and every year I give my readers the chance to really stick it to me (more so than usual). Please, grade this blog in the comments section of this post. Also, tell me what you think of my latest effort to get podcasts on the blog. What about the Twins Podcast? Etc, etc. I encourage people to be as mean as possible (more so than usual). I might not actually listen to your advice or try to improve the blog based on your grades and criticisms but I’ll at least read them…that’s something…right?

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Weekend Reading

I remember the books which my father read to me as a child: Winnie the Pooh, Dr. Suess and the occasional story about a big red dog. Other than one Dr. Suess story about clear cutting the stories were wonderfully lacking in political messages. My family didn’t even start talking about politics until I was in “Middle School.” Apparently this is no longer the case for some.

Jonah Goldberg has other things to day about “The Children.”

Can the Minneapolis Public Schools be saved? I say competition and vouchers, this MPLS parent gives their 2 cents.

The fascinating world of media manipulation.

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