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Global Warming is the accidental subject, I was originally going to talk about Minnesota politics but I had Global Warming stuff in front of me and I rolled with it. It’s available here.


Frogs disappearing
Mass. v. EPA
My “fake” trial
Coastal Town
Positives of Global Warming
Gaia guy says it’s too late
Polar Bears population numbers (Note how the Polar Bear population is stable, in two regions it is increasing and in two regions it is decreasing for no net effect; global warming isn’t even killing off polar bears yet)
Kyoto will give us 6 more years at most
10 Ways to Slow Global Warming (Originally appeared in the UK Gurdian)


3 Responses

  1. Since you like lists so much:

    (1) – Kyoto is horrible, and nobody who does environmental stuff for a living thinks it is a good treaty in and of itself, or that signing on would actually solve anything. There are those (I am not among them) who think that the symbolism of signing on are worth it – I say the economic impact and the inherent unfairness of the treaty make it unworthy of consideration, let alone ratification.

    (2) Mass v. EPA – it appears that, from the numbers used by the two sides in oral argument yesterday that we’re talking about 1/5 of an inch in sea level rise by 2100, and that the extra time gained before that 1/5 of an inch rise occurs is about 18 months. Now, being a law student, I’m pretentious enough to think that I understand something of Administrative Law and the issue of standing. This lawsuit should fail on standing purposes because (1) the harm is not imminent, and (2) there is no redressability. Nevertheless, I think Anthony Kennedy is going to side with the liberal 4 (a misnomer, but a useful one) to grant standing. I think the case will then be sent back to the DC Circuit to talk about the substance of the issue. At that point I think Massachusetts, et al, will lose.

    Anyway, I’m sitting at school waiting for class to start, so I thought I’d say something. Your comments sections of late have looked as barren as mine . . .

  2. Oh, so as not to be accused of plagiarism, I got the sea level rise numbers from the Science and Technology Policy blog (named Prometheus), which is headed by my Environmental Studies professor.

    You can find it here:

  3. Thanks for making my head ache again Josh. I think. Comments are always welcome, I was just hoping for more “clash.”

    Especially from you on this subject.

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