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Hilarious. The GOP challengers to Oberstar and Colin Peterson (Rod Grams and Michael Barrett) are the best candidates those races have seen in a long time. Is it going to be enough? I don’t know. I can say that if the GOP were to always have such strong candidates running against DFL incumbants this would become a red state right soon.


4 Responses

  1. Did you just call Rod Grams a good candidate? To quote Charlie Brown, “Good grief!”

  2. Compared to typical GOP candidates that run against DFL incumbants in Minnesota, yes. Grams has money, experience, a good ground game and he knows how to earn media attention.

    I’m judging Grams by his use of political technology, not by who he is as a person.

  3. The sad thing is that, despite having these advantages, he’s still going to lose by 10 points.

  4. Two things:

    First, having a former US senator who has historically done well in that district run a solid campaign will add votes to the top of the ticket (TPaw and Kennedy) and could help make up some ground; having him personally fire up the local base will help GOTV efforts in the 8th;

    and second, if the dems fail to take the house this year, the rumour is Oberstar will choose to retire leaving an open seat. Grams could then step in again and ride the tracks he’s already laid and get back in Washington.

    Either way, the MNGOP needs to get out of the habit of not trying in races it’s either going to win for sure or not going to win. Such regional attitudes effects the cumulative GOTV efforts and hurts up and down the ticket. It’s how the MNGOP nearly lost the state house in 2004.

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