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Yahoo’s The 9 relates some Halloween related fun:

Ghost Research; enter the scary world of eternal boredom walking the Earth in non-corporeal form.

Twilight Zone Episode finder; I still love this show. My favorite episode? Time Enough at Last.

Retro-Crush’s “Worst Halloween Costumes of All Time”; Hilarious.


When I first saw this ad, I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a homerun, a perfect ad that stands out from all the others playing on TV right now.

Reflecting though, I can’t call it a home run, I can only hope it’s a home run.

Random Link o’ the Day:


Thoughts on the “racist” anti-Ford ad

Harold Ford is the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Tennessee. There has been great discussion about a recent ad run by the GOP attacking Ford. In it a blonde suggests she knows Ford from a Playboy Mansion party and asks him to give her a call. The NAACP has suggested the ad is racist. I think there’s no doubt the ad is tacky, but I don’t think it’s racist.

1) Imagine if, instead of the blonde girl, they chose a black model to the play the part. There would still be cries that this was a racist ad. Black leaders would complain that the GOP “doesn’t think Ford worthy of a ‘White’ woman” and that by saying Ford can only interact with black woman the GOP is trying to revert to Victorian era racism.

2) Shouldn’t it be Playboy and Hugh Hefner that are decried as racists? Has anyone done a statistical analysis of the races and socioeconomic status of Playboy Playmates? How often do you see Heff with a non-white model on his arm? Does Playboy Magazine follow affirmitive action in their modeling criteria?

3) Aren’t any racists in Tennessee already not voting for Harold Ford? If racism is defined as the idea that some races are less equal than others, doesn’t it follow that you wouldn’t vote for the “weaker” race if you were a racist? And if you’re Harold Ford, aren’t you apathetic towards getting support from racists?

4) According to Wikipedia:

He has told Democrats they should be more supportive of the Iraq War and criticized Senate Democrats who attempted to filibuster Samuel Alito. He was one of the few Democrats who voted for the Bankruptcy Bill, and he supports some restrictions on abortion, and defines himself as a “pro-life” candidate.

Is Harold Ford a Democrat we should really be attacking as much as we do? I don’t believe in being nice to your opposition but there are certainly better targets for negative ads.

5) Does anyone really think the GOP would be so stupid as to create more controversy about race on purpose?

6) Does anyone seriously believe the GOP is a racist institution?

7) Do people still take the NAACP seriously?

global warming


Hilarious. The GOP challengers to Oberstar and Colin Peterson (Rod Grams and Michael Barrett) are the best candidates those races have seen in a long time. Is it going to be enough? I don’t know. I can say that if the GOP were to always have such strong candidates running against DFL incumbants this would become a red state right soon.

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Big Political Podcast

The clock is ticking, the campaign season is entering the final stretch and I give my analysis on the GOP, Evangelicals, Democrats and whatever else happens to be on my mind. Podcast available here. As I do this more, get more practice and get a better idea of how I want to “do a show” the quality will improve. You will hopefully excuse the equipment issues and my own faults until then.

Links to articles mentioned:

Election Prediction website showing movement towards the GOP in the polls.

Evangelicals abandoning the GOP?

Thomas Sowell Column; money quote:

Some are saying that this could be like the 1994 midterm election shocker when the Republicans seized control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. If so, the Democrats will win by following the exact opposite strategy from that which brought the Congressional Republicans to power in 1994.

The Republican strategy, crafted by Newt Gingrich, was to spell out their stands on key issues and to promise to bring those issues to a vote in Congress. They called their agenda “The Contract with America.”

It is now clear to all that this year’s Democrats are deliberately avoiding spelling out any coherent policy program of their own.

Their strategy is to second-guess, denigrate and undermine Republicans instead of offering an agenda of their own. Rather than having a contract with America, they are seeking a blank check from America. Moreover, they may get it.

Blog House column.

“Racist” ad attacking Harold Ford; Analysis by Doug:

Much of the commentary I read on leftish blogs seems to be going from the premise that to even “raise the possibility” that a black man and a white woman might couple is a below the belt appeal to the basest natural instincts of southern hickish Americans. Granted… pasty white I may be… but apparently my sensibilities are irrelevant because I’m all Northern and college edumacated and all. But I don’t really see an angle for someone to be all racistly indignant here. I really don’t.

I see an opening for people who are themselves ignorant bigots and who, consequently, assume southern whites lose all sense of reason when they think about a black man coupled with a white woman – some kind of leftist fantasy demographic in which the consuming of Jim Beam below the Mason-Dixon line makes one 99.4% likely to burn a cross when thinking about Harold Ford lustily eyeing a white playboy bunny. But, I mean, I’ve never met such a person. I’ve met plenty of people who would disapprove of Harold Ford partying with Playboy bunnies (a sentiment not echoed here – invitation welcome if you’re reading Mr. Hefner), which seems to be the rather obvious point of that part of the ad.

I’m hoping to add more about the Ford ad in a longer post.

Random Link o’ the Day:


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