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It’s time for some cool down time. I was originally going to go through the arguments for and against voting for Tim Pawlenty this week in a big post. I got sidetracked by a flamewar on a different blog and I probably just need some settle down time. It’s obvious the recent Tim Pawlenty push against “Big Oil and Big Pharma” coupled with his increase of the sales tax in Hennipen County for a Twins Stadium and the ridiculousness of the “fee” or “tax” debate and a few other noteworthy reversals and his recent use of progressive talking points…

Let’s just stop there. Pawlenty talked his way out of getting my vote. That is the point I want to make.


I just don’t have it in me to attack Republicans right now. Even though I changed my mind on Pawlenty doesn’t mean I don’t support the other 4 Republicans running for state office. I caucused as a Republican, I’ve donated my money to Republican campaigns, I defend the necessity for compromise and moderation and I do my best to support Republican incumbants on Race to the Right.

There has been a host of conservative commentators both on the state and national levels who have said Republicans need to get back to our principles and I agree with them wholeheartedly. The big reason our Republican government at the national level hasn’t been able to govern in a more conservative manner is because conservatives are a minority in government. In the state of Minnesota it’s even more of a mess.

As a quasi-pundit, I want to change hearts and minds and move people’s political beliefs to the right. That’s what this blog and the radio show are about. In the practical political arena, I care only about moving public policy to the right. Sometimes those two goals conflict with each other. The big problem is I don’t know where to draw the line between those two goals.

Nor, for that matter, do I know where to draw the line when it comes to compromise and moderation versus principles. I guess this pretty much makes me useless as a political commentator. The worst part is that there is no good answer. People like Dick Morris who are political technicians and do nothing but try to figure out campaign strategies and winning messages are rewarded on the talking head scene. Ideologues are also rewarded too, be it Ann Coulter or Bill Buckley. Even party hacks, the “Republicans can do no wrong” people can find their home in the commentary world (Sean Hannity is the big name there). But what good would I be to the conversation?

In a way, this is a serious question for me. I don’t consider myself important to any discussion, and I think I do a good job of staying humble. I have a weekend radio show on a 1000 watt AM station in flyover country and a blog that has to be at its best just to break 50 hits a day. However, if I do want to ever go anywhere as far as being a radio talk show host goes, I’ll probably need to figure out where some of these lines should be.

The radio show is chief among my frustrations as far as this topic goes. Race to the Right has become a platform for attacking Republicans. I’m not sure how much I can take. You’d think there’d be plenty of opportunities to attack Democrats as well. We have some topics like that which we prepare for the radio show, but it seems the stories about Republicans gone astray are more interesting to discuss on the show. Yet…

I don’t know about Tony, but I originally got into politics because I believed my ideas were right, and that other ideas were wrong. In fact, not only were some of those other ideas wrong, they are dangerous in my mind. How do you compromise with terrorists? How do you treat the 9-11 attacks as a law enforcement issue? You can’t.

I want to support Republicans over the next 9 weeks. While I don’t think 2006 is “the most important election of my lifetime” I do think it’s important never to throw yourself on the rails for no good reason. What about me throwing Pawlenty onto the rails?

So I’m not supporting one Republican. I’d prefer to look past that one race and look to the 7 other races where I feel my energies will make a difference. I’d also like to go after liberalism a little bit too. Thus, I’m not going to finish up any of the posts I had dealing with how the GOP has gone astray or how blind party loyalty will lead to a loss of your principles. The state of mind I had to put myself into to go after Pawlenty is not one I enjoy. So no anti-Pawlenty posts. At least not this week.

Basically, this post is an offering of an excuse as to why I haven’t finished some of the blog posts I said I would. It’s also an opportunity to vent. I don’t take the priviledge of venting very often so I hope I’m given some forgiveness.


5 Responses

  1. I’m confused. On my blog, you wrote:
    “Of the Republicans I’ll get a chance to vote for in 2006 (there’s 8 of them) I’m not voting for one of them.”
    Maybe you mispoke, as earlier you mentioned volunteering for the local State House race and also a heads up to Brother Jay.

    In any case, maybe a focus towards dismantling the foundations of liberalism is a good radio theme. You don’t have to say you support a republican, but rather offer a Friedman or Sowell type explaination on how to do things better than the liberal. As Carville has just stated, if the liberal philosphy fails this election, then liberalism needs to change it’s tune or die out.
    And some more sports talk.
    Otherwise, after November, your topics are extinct.

    I can see why somebody can get sick of the vitrol and hate on the show, and maybe a turn towards the above will help.

  2. Marty,
    I think if you reread your post (and remove the stated humility) you will see the valuable contribution to the discussion you have and will make.

    You recognize the need for balance between holding to your principles and sacrificing them to advance your banner. You are only having issue figuring out where the fulcrum is.

    You are engaged in introspective reflection. THAT is what the GOP needs (and most are refusing to do).

    My angst towards sitting politicians manifests itself against the GOP because they are the ones in power (and Hatch has done little of late to warrant any attention). While the Dems were in power I thought the problems in politicians were mostly unique to them on top of their positions. I was wrong. The party in power seeks only to maintain that power and nothing more. That is not unique to Dems…and that is what I hated the most about them.

    To be sure, the Dems have the extra strike against them for their platform. But I hate the reality that politicians are not for the people. I share Jason Lewis’ frustration that the party people are what drive the party away from conservativism…and they are too blinded by “party” to even realize that problem when it is pointed out to them.

    You understand that need for balance. I think you know I understand that also. I happen to think the fulcrum can be pushed alot further toward “principle” and way from “party” while still advancing “principle”. In my estimation the difference between my view and yours is you are not willing to risk not advancing the policy rightward and thus do not feel safe putting the fulcrum that far away from the party.

    Everyone I fire at on this and those who are starting to come down on you simply either do not understand the need for the balance or think that only putting the fulcrum of balance at “party” will work.

    BTW, the reason I snap onto the GOP side of this so much on the show is I heard from so many people who are afraid to speak out that they agree nearly completely. They are afraid to take the heat I have and are glad for the voice. Marty, you know some of the bigger names who have said such…the list is bigger than that.

    You & I should discuss this week more of what you mentioned about the show.

    Finally, you & I want to advance conservativism. You want to also assist the health of the GOP. I could not care less if a 3rd more conservative party overtook and killed the GOP. I simply want Federalist or Locke-ian conservativism to advance. But if you really want the GOP to move back to the right I think you need to really force the introspection you are doing for yourself. Without a movement like that within the party there will not be a force to stop the leftward sprint they are doing right now.

    Look at what the GOP & Lieberman REALLY means. The GOP is less about “victory for the GOP” and more about “defeat for the Dems”. THAT does nothing for conservativism…and thinking it is specific only to the CT Senate race is folly.

    And to prevent misinformation from the reading-comprehension challenged…1) State House, 2) State Senate, 3) US House, 4) US Senate, 5) MN Auditor, 6) MN Sec of State, 7) MN Governor, 8) MN Atty General. Looks like you can vote for up to 8 Republicans including the local race.

  3. Is right handed heat going to get a spot on your blogroll or what?

  4. Like I’m going to give a link after RHH failed to call into my podcast, even after I had talked to two of you that very morning.

  5. Ah…the frustrations of a confirmed interview not followed through. Infuriating, ain’t it.

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