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Twins Trade Lohse for Zach Ward

Lohse is going to the Cincinnati Reds where he’s probably going to join their bullpen. The Twins pick up minor leaguer Zach Ward who was 7-9 with a 3.63 ERA in 2005 at the college level and was smoking with a 7-0 record and a 2.29 ERA at the Class A level this year. This trade is par for the course for Terry Ryan and the Twins. Ryan is always happy to trade away struggling veterans for young prospects, and I think this is a good trade for the future of the Twins, but presently the Twins are in a playoff run, we should do something to add to the team for the now. With only about an hour left before the trade deadline, I doubt anything will happen.

An Apology

Some of you have noticed the lack of decent posting on my part this past month or so. I’d like to apologize, I purposefully took the entire month of July off from heavy blogging and I didn’t tell anyone. It was a chance to recharge my blogger batteries and it helped me focus on some other projects in my life. I think I needed a bit of a break, and I now feel refreshed enough to face the upcoming elections with a sense of “positive affect”. The month of August I’m going to spend trying to preview different elections that are important around the state and nation. I’m also going to try to update parts of the blog. I’m not too interested in making major changes like adding technorati tags or creating categories for different subjects. Major changes like that should be made during the lean times of midwinter. If you have any suggestions as to what features you want as a reader to my blog let me know.

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New Toy

Race to the Right now has a forum for everyone to use and abuse, and like usual I encourage both the former and the latter. Check it out here:


Why the press releases?

I’ve started posting up GOP press releases that I receive every day. Not all of them, just the ones I find interesting or that I think contain information or spin my readers might find useful. If the DFL decides to start emailing me press releases I might start posting theirs as well. This borders on encouraging spamming, but the MSM gets spammed with press releases all the time. I didn’t ask to get them, the GOP just started sending them to me. I don’t mind this at all. Press releases are content I don’t have to write and I find I like them as examples of framing a message. As the election cycle accelerates toward November I’m sure I’ll be posting a bunch of them. Sometimes with commentary, sometimes without.


GOP Press Release:

In Case You Missed It!

“Democrats Writing Off Rowley Race”

Dan Rasmussen
Roll Call
July 26, 2006

National and Minnesota Democrats seem about ready to walk away from Coleen Rowley’s ill-fated campaign to unseat Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.) — just as her campaign manager recently did.

Many in the party had hoped that Rowley’s national fame — Time magazine named her Person of the Year in 2002 for being a whistle-blower at the FBI — would make her an exciting, appealing candidate in an otherwise Republican-leaning district. But now some state Democrats say Rowley’s first run for political office is going so badly that they’re turning their sights on damage control.

“She’s running the single worst campaign that could be run,” said one state Democratic insider. “I’m worried that if she’s running a weak race in the 2nd it’s going to hurt the statewide candidates. What’s going to get people to turn out and vote Democratic?”

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