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Who the Hell are these people anyway?

Going through “Da Roll”

Most bloggers have fairly extensive blogrolls, but how often does this lead to you reading the blogs on the rolls of the bloggers you read? I will rarely read a new blog from someone else’s blogroll. However, there are bloggers on my blogroll which I want people to know about and read. The reason I put these people on my roll is because they are talented people who deserve recognition. So I’m going to tell the stories of my roll over the next week, 3 people at a time.

Newt Gingrich

Another Speaker, this one a former speaker, Newt has been in and out of the internet for a few years now, first as an Amazon.com reviewer, now as a self promoter. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Newt normally has some interesting stuff on his website (and the website has a blog) and he’s a major talking head now. Check in every once in a while and see what the scariest man in politics is up to.

Lars Larson

Lar Larson is the best radio talk show host you can’t hear in the Twin Cities. His website is regularly updated with interesting topics. Lars also has one of the best radio voices ever. Listen in, if you can.

Jeff Faria

Jeff is an east coast blogger with a bit of a right of center libertarian almost Republican but not really political but not really bent to him. East Coast is just different I guess. But he’s more a promoter and innovater for blogs and blogging than a political pundit. His ideas on shaping the blogosphere are great and I think a lot could be learned by us humble midwestern folk by reading him. He’s working on a book right now and he’s a true believer that blogging will one day be a profession. When he was updating daily he was a daily read, hopefully he’ll be back soon.


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