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The Good and the Bad

Generally I favor immigration. I prefer legal immigration, but I don’t find much of the illegal immigration going on in the southwestern United States all that objectionable. I do find the drain on our social services by illegals as objectionable. I find the risk to national security as objectionable.

I also find some of those responsible for recent protests in support of illegal immigrants as downright frightening. Take MEChA for example. The Wikipedia article is fairly PC. But try going through some of their links and you start to get the feeling they’re a bit more radical.

Scariest though is the MEChA logo:

Compare to this picture I took off a Nazi website:

MEChA denies that they are racist or that they encourage violence. They’re just good old fashioned socialists. They’re just Mexican Nationalists too. National Socialists…Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei?

Yes, I hate it when liberals label conservatives as Nazis. I also generally choose to not do the same. However, there is a movement being pushed by Mexican radicals to retake the southwest. (Reconquista.) The best part is your tax dollars went to a class encouraging the reconquista that I took in college at the U of M:

CHIC 3446 – Chicana/o History II: WWII, El Movimiento, and the New Millenium (HP, CD)
(3.0 cr; spring, even years)
Experiences of people of Mexican descent in the U.S. Notions of citizenship from WWII. Chicano civil rights movement. Impact of immigration patterns/legislation. Cultural wars, changing demographics. Social, economic, and political changes that influenced day-to-day life of Mexican Americans. Meaning of racialized “Mexican” identity. How different groups of Mexicans have understood their relationships to other Americans and other Latino groups.

When a class description uses the word “racialized” you know you’re headed downhill. I had to regurgitate the “white racism led to Mexican economic failure and the oppression of Mexicans” line for my tests and papers. The class is also where I was first introduced to the MEChA “happy eagle” shown above.

Sleep well.


2 Responses

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you. I find it very frustrating being a person who favors immigration, who wants to offer more people better opportunities not just for summers but for life. However, it really bothers me to see these groups, some radical some not, display such a fever of almost hatred of the country that they chose to live in, legally or illegally. I am honestly suprised that more southwestern hispanics don’t want more border control just because they don’t want terrorists to attack southern California. And, I am also surprised at their great love for Mexico in general. If Mexico wasn’t such a corrupt, irresponsible, and horribly run country there wouldn’t be the extreme poverty that drives all of these immigrants out of Mexico. The people that flee from Mexico are border line refugees, no pun intended. There are many Mexicans that are exceptionally wealthy, that have done very well for themselves through near slave labor, NAFTA, or the illegal drug trade. But what about the school or the hospitals in Mexico? Do these refugees forget that any school or hospital worth it’s salt is private and excludes 75-80% of the population of Mexico. Like I said earlier I don’t care that they come over here, I just want them to stop and sign their names on the guest list.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more.

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