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Tony Garcia on Mary Kiffmeyer

Tony and I have had some very large differences when it comes to Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer. I defend her vehemetly, he takes a different course. I’m not going to defend Kiffmeyer point by point right now, though I intend to later. Instead I would like Tony to at least be fair with Kiffmeyer. In his evaluation Tony only lists some of the things Mary Kiffmeyer has done while in office (I say take with a grain of salt) but he doesn’t analyze her platform.

I get asked by people to properly explain Tony’s scoreboard, what it means and if it’s a good measure of the candidates. Generally I use Tony’s scoreboard and the related posts. But I would ask him to grade Mary Kiffmeyer the same way he has done with about every other candidate on his scoreboard, and that is to examine the running platform of the candidate. Tony has not looked at Kiffmeyer’s website and graded her platform. I would think this request would be only fair and would go a long way towards making his scorecard more accurate.


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  1. Platform evaluation coming.

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