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More reactions to the District 15 Special Elections

Andy Aplikowski

Andy is obviously frustrated, but I think the leadership he’s looking for exists in Ron Carey. I just don’t know if that will be ebough in 2006.

And a nameless buddy of his

Tony Garcia

I actually agree with a lot of what Tony said, except the part where he thinks moderates and middle of the road voters needed to be doorknocked. They didn’t, this was an effort about the bases, as I talk about in my post below.


Flash is being fair except where he talks about Ox’s family from nowhere, Ox has a Godchild (I think it’s a boy, not sure). Godchildren are actually important to traditionalists such as Ox, despite the weakening of the prominence of Godparents in modern life.

Gary Miller quoting First Ringer

First Ringer is a little dry, but he’s hinting at the potential for a cycle of defeats for the GOP which I see as well.

Election Results


Leo from Psycmeistr


5 Responses

  1. BTW, I shouldn’t chide Firt Ringer for being a little dry as I’m more guilty of it than he.

  2. I’m not blaming Carey at all. I want to know who is going to stand up so that the GOPers can collectively stand up behind that person. In an ideal world, that would be the highest elected person, but Pawlenty is rather squeamish towards us right now. So what I want to know is, who else is there to stand up and be the figure head? I noted at the bottom that I was not casting blame, but rather asking who should.

  3. ah, and so the blame game begins…

    With those knowing the least saying the most.

    how unfortunate.

  4. I’m not sure how trying to identify and fix a problem is a “blame game” but then again, I don’t understand a lot of the liberal culture.

    If district 15 was an unwinnable district, then it would be a blame game, but Republicans do win in that district, so there’s something we need to get a handle on before the GOP enters the 2006 cycle.

  5. If bloggers present facts to support their claims, then I wouldn’t call it a blame game. Everyone has the right to speak. A few years ago, all the news available would have been in the Red Star article about the special elections.
    There may be some inside knowledge and whatnot, but that is the case in every circumstance in news.

    Every peice of news in which I have inside knowledge on, sources being friends in the LEO community, officals, or others, is skewed, misreported, etc.
    I can say the only hard rule for all is to avoid lying, even little white lies.

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