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Dan Ochsner loses in District 15

The results are in, the Minnesota GOP has lost ground in its fight to take back the senate, the results from the Secretary of State’s office:

Independence DAN BECKER 826 6.96
Republican DAN “OX” OCHSNER 4422 37.26
Democrat (DFL) TARRYL CLARK 6572 55.38

Kay Ek lost her write-in bid as well:

Democratic-Farmer-Labor LARRY HAWS 3581 70.87
Write-In WRITE-IN** 162 3.21
Write-In KAY EK** 1310 25.93

Kay Ek made a good showing, thirteen hundred write-in votes after about a week of campaigning is nothing to laugh at. I will have in depth analysis tomorrow. I’m not sure how much “inside” stuff I want to mention. Ochsner is the station manager at KNSI (the station I do Race to the Right) and a friend. But I also don’t want Ox, the state party, and my GOP brethren to make the same mistakes twice either. Nonetheless, a victory with 24% voter turnout is nothing Clark can brag about either, especially against a first time candidate.


5 Responses

  1. Oh man, that was brutal. Don’t know if the Sue Ek thing hurt the Ox, but something sure did. All in all, though, both did all right, considering. I agree with you about the write-in aspect of the campaign…she only had a single week to make it happen, and she did well with what she had. I also enjoyed (perhaps appreciated is more apropos?) your latest letter to the liberal. Take care!


  2. Man, there were some problems in the special election. I think it was clear the Ox people were shying away from the Ek thing. but they shoudn’t. This election was a battle of the bases, and the base really didn’t care about the Ek thing.

  3. How do I get the mob to re-recognize my real blog instead of the one I used as a lifeboat. Their linkage points to the wrong blog.

  4. I have a huge criticism of the GOP for this election…more on my blog.

  5. Tom-

    Email Brian “St. Paul” Ward from the Fraters Libertas blog, hos email is on the blog, left sidebar.


    Penalty flag for shameless self promotion, I’m surprised you didn’t link yourself ;-)

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