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  • December 2005
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Open Thread!

‘Roun da Horn
Weekend Reading plus other stuff

I’m actually not too interested with the subject of this column, but I did like this paragraph:

After 9/11, a friend in London said to me she couldn’t stand all the America-needs-to-ask-itself-what-it-did-to-provoke-this-anger stuff because she used to work at a rape crisis centre and she’d heard this blame-the-victim routine far too often: the Great Satan, like the dolly bird in the low-cut top and mini-skirt, was asking for it. Even so, it’s still a surprise to hear the multiculti apologists apply the argument to actual rape victims.

Here’s a cool story about the Fox Christmas letter it has sent around to other journalists.

Some secret Santa is paying thirty pound (53 dollar) parking tickets for people.

Carbon trading, bad idea or good idea? On the one hand it is the free market trying to find a solution to an environmental issue, on the other it will continue to pay for third world nations to not develop.

Yahoo’s top searches. I guess to get a higher readership I need to start blogging about Britney Spears and 50cent.

Not gonna happen.

More proof that the world is coming to an end, Mariah Carey has tied Elvis with her 17th chart topper. This puts her 3 behind the number one Beatles and tied for second with Elvis. I don’t like the Beatles nor Elvis, but Mariah Carey can’t hold a candle compared to their talents. In a lot of ways the modern world is such a shame.

Captain Boggs’ (Poppa Andrade) story about Bob Hope.

Mitch Berg talks about civil liberties.

Britain is also losing a lot of their civil liberties, they will be monitoring all cars next year.

Pawlenty Tobacco “fee” issues. I will write more on this next week.

Eva Young discusses the latest delegate poll done by Michelle Bachmann. Her point is that the poll is not trustworthy because it was paid for by Michelle Bachmann. This is a logical error, we don’t know if the poll was valid or not because we don’t know about the process. It doesn’t matter who paid for the poll if the process used in the poll is a legitimate one. Because it is a professional polling company that needs to provide accurate polling to stay in business, methinks it’s a mistake to discount it out of hand.

Captain Capitalism on education spending. I submitted a column dealing with this subject that hasn’t been published yet. If they’re not going to publish it then I’ll throw it up the blog.

reposting a Michelle Malkin post about Bush’s wire taps.

Here’s a touching article about two people, a girl from my High School class and a guy I knew from (and worked out with) the gym. Both of whom died too young.

Thomas Sowell recommends books that will change your mind about things.

George Will on ANWR drilling.

Wikipedia about as accurate as “real” encyclopedias?

Russia moved WMD? It’s a bit too conspiracy theory for me.

The latest in my “Travels through America’s Purgatory” series, Madison.

You Are a Losing Lottery Ticket!

Full of hope and promise.
But in the end, a cheap letdown.

Random Link o’ the Day: