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  • December 2005
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Madison, WI

I thought that I had been to some fairly odd and radical places, but Madison has completely changed my understanding of irrationality.

Madison is located on an isthmus between two large lakes. The city is basically being pinched by the lakes like a zit between two fingers, putting pressure on the land and the people. The state capitol building of Madison rises like a stressed whitehead ready to pop.

I hope it happens soon.

I decided to do some research into the history of Madison, there had to be some explanation for this place.

I did, and there is.

The history of Madison is a stupid one. In the earlier parts of the nineteenth century, some rich guy liked the isthmus so much that he bought it. This is fine, I’m all for rich people buying land that they like. It has the dual purpose of separating rich people from the rest of us. Communists talk about equality, but really, rich people are typically arrogant and obnoxious. I want them holed away in remote mansions to waste away alone and unloved. It’s the rich people who feel that they are “the people” and who go to my favorite restaurants (hole in the wall grease factories that have vermin walking across the floor) that really bother me.

However, this rich guy not only bought this wonderful land, but then he sold the Wisconsin State Legislature on the idea of moving the state capitol there. Being rich and influential, it happened.

It’s one of those rare situations in this country where a town is created not by the geography or by resources or by proximity to roads and trade routes, but by one man’s fleeting whim. His name was James Doty, and I’m not lying.

So the people of Wisconsin started building their capitol in an area where there was no room to grow. This also left Madison as a city without an economy. There are no nearby resources; there is nothing there in which to increase wealth. The only thing the capitol of Madison could produce would be tax dollars.

Then the city of Madison attracted those that are attracted to government. Communists, hookers, liquor store owners, immigrant workers specializing in childcare and laundry. Those types of people. There are also people who bribe legislators, and the legions of government workers needed to support the entire structure.

In 1848 someone thought it’d be a good idea to have a state funded university nearby. Fools. A university just made the situation worse. Soon enough they had doubled the population of radicals and freaks. Now, just imagine this mess interbreeding for 150 years. Yeah, now we know why there’s a riot every Halloween in Madison.

It’s also a good explanation as to why Madison is so radical in its leftist ideology. Luckily, this level of radicalism is matched by the natural laziness of such descendants as the freak soup of Madison would produce. About the only thing these people do is protest whatever is on their minds at the moment and go back to playing video games and watching porn.

They also spend a lot of time on scooters:

I don’t know the deal, but these things were everywhere. Whenever I saw some guy without a helmet and sporting a leather jacket and sunglasses, I’d yell out my car window “You are not a man.”

It’s frustrating in Madison because it is so impossibly radical there. Luckily Madison has the best conservative movement in the country. They need it there.

Midweek News Roundup:

The last two or three weeks have been very news heavy. That’s funny since I try to avoid politics in December, and I have no radio show to do this week, and last week we didn’t do a political show. It just seems a little weird to me, that’s all.

Is Christmas a pagan holiday? There are articles that say no. H/T Impudent Finger

I’m never confident about history I learn from television, but I remember hearing somewhere that early American Protestants created Thanksgiving as a replacement holiday for Christmas since they thought Christmas to be pagan. Now we get the best of both worlds. Booyah!

The quest for the first artificially created organism.

Not really news, but the economy has been bookin’. I blame Bush.

Sweden’s history of eugenics. Sterilizing 60,000 people up until the 1970’s? Yeah, there’s a reason I question government power.

Cheney has to break 50-50 tie just to get 30 some billion dollars in spending cuts. Why do we vote for RINOs again? Congress spends what, 3 billion dollars a day? So they cut ten days of spending?

Shucks, Saddam is getting beaten. Even if true, I don’t care.

Personal Update

My voice is completely gone right now, to the point where I’m not even answering the phone. Hopefully relief is in sight. I also have a lot of stuff on which I want to post. Hopefully I can get to it in a timely manner. I am working on the next “Letters to a Liberal” post. Those posts take me an unbelievable amount of time to write, slowing me down a bit. It should be up tomorrow evening.

There is a must read post from Michelle Malkin discussing the wealth of infomation regarding Bush’s admitted use of “eavesdropping” via the NSA.