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  • December 2005
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fox christmas letter

expensive santa thing tickets

Carbon trading, bad idea or good idea?

Yahoo’s top searches


Ebert’s Top Ten Movies of the Year…

Were a real disappointment. “Crash” topped the list and there’s nothing to argue about there, but the rest of the selections looked handpicked by the PC Police. Then again, I’d be hardpressed to fill in a top ten list for this year, since there were only four or five really good films. Cinderella Man, Four Borthers, Chronicles of Narnia, Batman Begins, and possibly the Excorcism of Emily Rose. King Kong and The Producers might round the list up to 8. This year was a horrible one for film. Forget high ticket prices, half hour long previews and DVD availability, this year’s movies sucked.

Random Link o’ the Day:


Not Dead

Just on hold.


It was frustrating not finding anyplace worth frequenting in St. Cloud. I haven’t given up though.

I know it’s been a while…

I wanted to post up this reflection from local humor writer Peter Welle on the closing of the Italian Restaurant Fazoli’s.

Right now I’m working in a Twin Cities Burger Tour. That project has left me little energy to write about other restaurants. I’m hoping on turning this blog into a serious priject, but for right now it’s on hiatus.