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  • December 2005
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The Pultizer of Blogging?

East Coast blogger Mister Snitch is trying to create another type of blog award. Sure, the Weblogs awards are interesting, but what about the great posts? Mr. Snitch:

Where are 2005’s best posts?

Now that the frenetic clamoring for blogosphere awards is about over, what were the year’s best posts?

If your blog won an award this year, our sincere congratulations! But this post is not for you.

For everyone else: Even if most web awards weren’t an excercise in driving traffic (compare traffic numbers with Wizbang’s list of award winners, and you’ll understand), they still don’t direct us to the best posts of the year. Great posts happen independently of traffic stats. In fact, some bloggers are likely to create great (and unknown) posts precisely because they spend less time doing self-promotion and more time writing. Those are the posts we want to acknowledge.

• We’re looking for you to tell us about the great posts you’ve seen this year. At year’s end, we’ll post links to the best posts we come across. (We’ll also post ALL link submissions, but our links will appear at the top of the post.)

All submissions must be original material, although a post that is basically a link to another post will get a hat-tip acknowledgement.

• What’s a great post? That’s entirely up to you, but we have some ideas:

1) Something truly witty or milk-out-your-nose funny is always welcome. Everyone tries comedy, few do it well.

2) That unique piece of information or research that everyone’s looking for, but only one blog has.

3) An issue that everyone is discussing, but only one post nails.

4) An unusual subject that few attempt, and fewer do well.

5) An interesting use of language, such as an entire post in the form of a pallindrome, or an Ogden Nash ditty.

6) Something of great service or interest to the blogosphere. Perhaps a link to blogging tools or resources that everyone should know about.

7) A great comment thread.

8) Lightning in a bottle. A post that captures a moment. Something you’d stick in a time capsule.

9) Originality, inspiration, insight, foresight. If it’s touched by greatness, we want to know about it.

10) Anything compelling. When you’re drawn to something, and you know others will be, you don’t have to analyze it.

You get the point. You can submit your link link in a comment to this post – comments are moderated, and your comments will be noted but will not appear until we post the final results. Or, you can email your suggestions to: mistersnitch [at] hotmail [dot] com. Please put “top posts” in your subject line so we don’t miss your submission. (Our compilation post will go up on January 1st, 2006, so our deadline is December 30th. That’s about as close as we can cut it.)

I think this is a stellar idea. Right now it’s not seperated by categories (which I think should change) and I’m not sure how the winners are going to be picked (personally, I don’t like the idea of any online voting) but it’s a rushed idea this year.

My nominations:

Mitch Berg’s ongoing series about his coming of age story, of which he has recently posted number XX. Mitch Berg’s story is fascinating. He goes from small town North Dakota to being an engineer at Hubbard Broadcasting’s AM station 1500 KSTP.

Blogger “Death Hippie” has a blog called “not enough people…” where he gives essays about what he sees are gaping holes in the culture of the modern man’s life. My favorite of the bunch is “Not enough people…use medievel weapons.”

My favorite post from Captain Bogs. He discusses modern warfare’s weapons choices with a good anecdote from the Vietnam War

Finally, here are the posts of mine from the last year I think are worth nominating:

Justice Roberts the Persuader? In that post I show Justice Roberts had sway over the swing votes of the court (Justice Kennedy in particular).

Guide to Blogging. I’ve been told a few times that this post is a must read for new bloggers.

And here’s my reflection on the life of Peter Jennings.

I never nominate myself for anything (personal rule). This gurantees in my mind that when I do win an award, I truly deserved it.


Race to the Right Recap

It’s like I woke up and had three weeks of material for the blog. I’ve got stuff on war reporting, some various must reads, interesting stuff out of the Library of Congress. It’s so much that I might end up not doing any of it.

I did want to post up Night Writer’s Christmas story. We kinda rushed him on the air, but it was a good story about spritual renewal, one he has put into writing.

And here’s Psycmeistr’s blog, in case there are some listeners who didn’t get the (oddly) spelled url.

It’s fun having no show to worry about next week, which gives me two weeks to try to get better and avoid talking (which I’m told assists in getting better). It also gives me a good excuse to stay away from politics. Too bad I can’t though, there’s just too much stuff happening right now. Plus the fact that I’ve been avoiding politics almost the entire month of December…Sigh…

Christmas Gift Guide XI

This is the last of these for this year. I didn’t use a bunch of what I thought were really neat things, so I put them on my other blog in case you were interested in striking out on your own in search for the perfect gift. As for this post, I saved the dumbest for last:

Beer in a beer belly:

The Beerbelly brings Freedom to the Beverage! Now you can drink WHAT you want, WHEN you want, WHERE you want, with no hassles and for less money! What more could you ask for—now you can drink your favorite beverage at the movies, the ballgame, on the plane, you decide.

The Beerbelly: Is made up of a neoprene “sling” and a polyurethane “bladder” with a tube for dispensing. The bladder is held in an insulated pouch in the sling which is worn under your clothing for concealment. When worn, it looks just like a beerbelly.

Tiki flash drive:

Sadly, this item is not available right now.

Standing at almost four inches tall, the Big Tiki Drive is shaped like a Tiki idol and offers USB 2.0 connectivity (it’s backwards compatible with USB 1.1). Plug the supplied “Lava USB” illuminated data cable into the top of the drive, and you’ll see its (his?) eyes glow. Big Tiki’s “aura” will glow green and blink as he (it?) reads and writes your data.

The Lava USB cable is six feet long and comes in red. The Big Tiki Drive comes with a protective storage bag and protective connector cap. The drive is cast and painted by hand, making each one unique, according to the folks at Tiki Mac.

The Big Tiki Drive is compatible with Mac OS X 10.1.2 and higher and Mac OS 9.1 and higher. No special drivers are needed.

Description (from) here

Golf return ball fishing reel thing

Our regulation putter has been equipped with a fishing reel, so you’ll never scramble after practice putts again—simply wind in the ball after each shot. The putter is an authentic 32” metal club with rubber grip; the reel is a quality spincast model (commonly used for catching bass, trout, and panfish), that holds up to 10-lb. test line. Fishing line runs through guides down the club shaft and is attached to a regulation size golf ball. The line is so thin it doesn’t impede the ball, for putting as smooth as on a freshly trimmed green. In a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive design, the reel on our putter has a metal housing.

Remote controled golf ball:

More sophisticated than mundane golf stunts, this is the worlds most advanced practical joke golf ball. Detailed to resemble a real golf ball, it zigs and zags at a touch of the remote control, allowing you to fool golf partners as they watch putts drift wide of the cup at your command. The joystick on the discrete remote control lets you direct the ball within a 100′ range. The ball can operate on three different, selectable frequencies, allowing you to race two at a time.

I’m hoping these items speak for themselves. If you look at these items and read the descriptions and think to yourself “what’s so unusual about that?” then you need to see a shrink.