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  • December 2005
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Liveblogging the MOB Event

Updated with a Recap

The MOB event right now is almost too big. There’s such a huge number of people and nobody is circulating around, everyone is focused around a few select tables. I did see Learned Foot from KAR (who’s ignoring me, can’t guess why [see comments]), Mitch Berg of course and King Banaian. Alex from Rants. Passed along the remnants of Eckernet to Kevin. I think Doug of Bogus Gold is avoiding me. Flash stopped by and said hi, then left. I don’t think he even knows me. (I only said that because he didn’t attempt to address me by name, I assumed he had forgotten my name, read my name from my computer and realized he couldn’t pronounce it. Turns out he did know my name and recognize me, he was just too busy schmoozing with the bigger names.) Derrick from Freedom Dogs keeps trying to sell me things. Guy from Freedom Dogs is hiding somewhere. I think Barry frow Watercoolerwisdom threw something at me. The Night Writer walked right past me. Speed Gibson looked right at me and turned away like he didn’t notice me.

This party is awesome.

Got another James Lileks story that I’ll share later. Katie from Yucky Salad with Bones was by far the nicest person I met. Though she didn’t believe me, I have in fact read her blog and stop by occasionally (she went a long time without posting, now she’s posting up once a week or so). When I introduced myself she had no idea who I was, she did know who Tony was. That’s fine.

Well, it’d be fine if it didn’t hapen so often. I’ll often, at these MOB events, introduce myself and the person will have no idea who I am or what my blog is, despite its eponymous nature. However, I’ll mention that I do a radio show with Tony Garcia called Race to the Right, and they immediately recognize him. That’s what happens when you are a boring blogger.

No Learned Foot story. The Freedom Dog guys were fun. David Strom acknowledged my presence. He didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to. Brad Carlson of the Protest Warriors (and KSTP’s “Next Big Thing fame) talked to me for a while. Douglass Bass noticed me. Brian St. Paul Ward chided me for not recognizing him (Though I did). And I’ve been booted off a table for the second time tonight…Grrr…


It was frustrating to have been moved twice by the people at Keegan’s. Everytime I got the computer set up someone was forcing me to go somewhere else.

I had good conversations with Scott from Pinkmonkeybird, Triple_A from Residual Forces, and of course Tony Garcia. I didn’t get to talk to Doug at all, nor did I really get to talk to Ecker. It was a disappointment to have missed Speed Gibson after he left early.

Derrick from Freedom Dogs was actually quite the conversationalist, once he stopped trying to sell me things. Guy from Freedom Dogs as well. I really had a hard time maintaining a conversation with anyone at this event. I’ve been sick the last month or so, and my voice was really hoarse. By the end of the night it actually hurt to try to talk. It was also ungodly loud at this event. I personally think Keegan’s isn’t the best venue for events like these, the last event at Townhall Brewery was perfect.

Also, it’s really difficult at events like these when you don’t have an emcee or a couple of good hosts who introduce people to each other. The first MOB event I went to Mitch Berg did a great job of introducing people to one another. I haven’t seen Mitch do a lot of that at all in the last couple of events. I think what would help would be what I did for our end of year parties at the U of M (officially known as: El Dos de Mayo). I reserved the back area of Sally’s Bar and Grill, which holds 60 people comfortably. This puts everyone in the same area, without the limited seating and cramped space of Keegan’s. You could probably find a number of bars that could host an event like this in better style. Just my thought.

The James Lileks story isn’t that funny. I was outside the bar talking to a buddy of mine when Lileks was walking towards the front door of Keegan’s. I mentioned to my buddy “That there is James Lileks, he’s a Star Tribune columnist.” I turned back around to see who was with Lileks when I noticed that Lileks had paused and given me a nasty look, as if I had just insulted him, before entering the bar. Lileks has good reasons to not like me, as I’ve (accidentally) elbowed him in the face (over something important, onion rings). I also talked to him at the sumer MOB event and made zero impact on him (which is not surprising, Lileks is a true autocrat).

All in all,the event was pretty fun, I wish I had been able to talk to more people.

I also met (again) Leo from Psycmeistr and The First Ringer fella and Ben from Hammersing. I met for the first time the guy from SD63 and the MOB newbie Peace Like a River. Again, I didn’t actually talk to any of them, I just met them (story of the night).

As I continue writing I keep remembering more and more people, like Tracy and Sequel from Anti-Strib.

I left at about 10pm, killed some time at Mickey’s Diner then attended the midnight showing of “Headless Eyes.” It’s one of the worst movies in the history of film (Think “Manos:Hands of Fate”)

IMDB entry for “Headless Eyes”
IMDB entry for “Manos:Hands of Fate”

I will link to my review of “Headless Eyes” after I write sometime tomorrow.


15 Responses

  1. I knew who you were. We’ve met before and talked briefly at the St. Cloud event.


  2. Note: Post was tongue in cheeck. I don’t want to get a slew of emails saying “I didn’t ignore you, I just didn’t notice you standing in front of me.”

  3. I not only ignore you, I MOCK you! You and your silly seven letters of word verification (which are requiring me to buy new glasses.)

  4. Hey…I think your list is incomplete…and I’m offended for that.

    Maybe I should sue Keegan’s for allowing the event that is now clearly offensive.


  5. (A serious note…)
    Marty, here’s a suggestion. How about making all of those names links to their blogs. I understand not doing it while actually live blogging, but fixing that up now.

  6. I will make a final update, and I will give everyone links when I recover, probably later tonight.

  7. And you are……? ;)

    Newsflash: I pointed out to LF that you were in attendance. He said you’re an asshole.
    God Bless the blogosphere. It’s managed to amplify the pettiness of daily life.

  8. It wasn’t a surprise that LF was made at me, but it was news to me. I wish people would be more up front in telling me they hate me, but what can you do? It probably has something to do with my post from the last MOB event. I’ll send him an email and see if this “blogosphere pettiness” is something I can’t mend. Honestly, I don’t care what he thinks of me, I think the guy is the funniest person in the MOB.

  9. Heh I bought you a beer, that has to count for something doesn’t it?

  10. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen…sheesh

  11. Marty.
    A lot of peeps were called an asshole by Andy Kaufman, too. And they never realized it was just a joke.

    “Well some people try to pick up girls
    They get called assholes
    This never happened to Pablo Picasso”
    -Jonathan Richman Pablo Picasso

  12. I assumed after the second time that I said, “Hi Marty,” and you continued typing on your computer without looking up that you didn’t want to talk. Next time I’ll recognize it as a cry for help. ;-)

  13. I heard you as you walked by, I assumed you were going somewhere. I don’t remember a second time, but it was loud. Needless to say, I was more interested in avoiding Bogus Gold/Always Right fireworks.

  14. Point to PMB for use of Jonathan Richman.

    I have a feeling we were in the same bars in the 80s. This scares me.

  15. I tried to get by without making eye contact because, based on your previous accounts from these events, I was afraid I’d get savaged if you noticed me.

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