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  • December 2005
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Christmas Gift Guide VIII

Nowadays technology has made it so that the bar to becoming a spook is so low, ten year olds can now run their own DNA tests at home. And believe me, spooks are everywhere. Ever hear of opposition research? Corporate espionage? Attack blogs? It’s easier than you think, a little research, breaking and entering, and illicit pictures are all it takes. Luckily, with a few select items anybody can enter the modern world where everyone is watching everyone else:

In Minnesota we’re big on hats. And what better way to become Mr. Secret Agent Man than by hiding things in your hat:

Caps are no longer the sole domain of sun worshippers or sports fans. Forget that drudgery, and embrace the Personal Area Network TEC Hat. It’s everything you wanted in a “Baseball Cap”, and then a bag of chips, and then a coveted top secret storage device, and then a mystery spy novel with benefits. Here it is, the hat the KGB wished they could have built if only they understood that secrets are best kept closest to the brain (the keeper of mana). Not in an umbrella with a poison tip. Duh.

The TEC hat allows you to still carry your credit cards and assorted bling while you choose to romp around in your birthday suit. That’s right. A hat that can store everything in your wallet so that you don’t have to wear pants. And here at ThinkGeek, we just hate pants.

Heh, pants.

And no, I wasn’t kidding about the DNA kit thing.

There are also the standard 007 materials too, special listening devices, bug detectors and hidden spy cameras. And umm… There are binoculars with digital camera attached

There are many times it would be opportune to have a pair of binoculars with you. You could be at a sporting event far from the action, or hunting down the elusive Bigfoot, or involved in classified covert operations. And suppose you want to keep a memory (or evidence) of what you are looking at? The SX3 is the first combination binocular/digital camera to really take this need seriously, coupling a high-power pair of binoculars with a 3.1MP digital camera. You can even take 30 sec long silent movie clips (avi format) – the number of movie clips depends, of course, on the size of the memory card used.

Once you’ve taken tons of pictures, you can share them with your friends in a myriad of ways. Of course you can always download them to your computer and e-mail them around. But the SX3 has you covered if you are in the wild (that is, a place without a computer). Just use the TV Out cable to connect directly to a television and you can view your pics anywhere. The SX3 is a camera, binoculars, and a portable slide show, all in one rugged form factor. So, get out there and see the sights – and don’t forget to bring home some nice pictures to remember it all.

I’m not certain if this is an item people really want to have floating around…


Mike Austin, RIP

At the age of 64, in Las Vegas, playing in the U.S. National Senior Open, Mike Austin hit a 515 yard drive. A world record which still left him a 65 yard pitch to the green on the 450 yard hole. Mike Austin died last month at the tender age of 95. His contributions to golf still persist.

In 5 years of longdrive competitions I have not approached such a number as 515. However I have driven over par fours. Best drive of my life I launched a ball 420 yards, 50 yards beyond the 370 yard green, across a road (unbelievably, still inbounds). 4 months until golf season…

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