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Christmas Gift Guide VII

This will be easy, these items are signs that you put up in your office for morale purposes, and they speak for themselves:

Homer cubicle signs

Futurama signs

idiocy poster (why congress is so dangerous)


Air Marshalls

This is your Captain Speaking…

For the first time since the program was reinvorigated after 9-11, a US Air Marshall has fired a weapon in defense of an aircraft. Unfortunately, it seems that the guy they killed was not armed with a bomb, the way he said he was. He was just a guy with bipolar disease who was in the midst of the action side of the affliction. Still, it is easy to see why the Marshalls saw him as a threat. After all, he said he had a bomb in his carry-on, and he was reaching into that bag after being told to halt and surrender. It was a fatal move.

The jet had taken off from Medellin, Colombia. The flight from a northern South
American city to Miami takes about 4 or 5 hours, so it was not an extremely long flight. The pax had started from Quito, Equador, so he had been travelling all night when the incident occurred. This may have had something to do with his reaction in Miami.

(Capt. Bogs never got around to finishing this article but I’m publishing it anyway due to the move to WordPress-Ed, 2007)