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More on abortion:

h/t Q/A

A recent european study shows that women who get abortions are more likely to die when compared to others of the same age who do not have abortions. Suicide in the biggest risk factor.

Women who have an abortion face a 248 percent greater risk of suicide, accidental death or homicide in the following year, according to a newly released 13-year Finnish study.

The survey also found the suicide rate among women who had an abortion was six times higher than for women who had given birth in the prior year and double that of women who had miscarriages.

The study was conducted by Finland’s National Research and Development Center for Welfare and Health and published in the European Journal of Public Health. The researchers studied data from the years 1987 to 2000 on all deaths among women of reproductive age, 15 to 49.

While the risk of death among women who had given birth in the prior year was lowest, death from suicide, accidents and homicide was highest among women who had an abortion in the previous year.

The findings confirm other studies carried out in the United States, as well as Finland, that showed an increase in the death risk of women who have abortions.

In 1997, a government-funded study in Finland found that women who had abortions were 3.5 times more likely to die the following year than women who had given birth.

Furthermore, researchers looking at death records linked to medical payments for birth and abortion for 173,000 California women discovered there was a 62 percent higher chance of death for aborting women than delivering women over the eight-year period that was examined.

This should dispel a common argument from pro-abortion activists that having an abortion is safer than taking a baby to term. The abortion procedure itself may be safer than giving birth, but the holistic aspect: mental health, lifestyle and behaviour aspects show very clearly that abortion is the wrong and more lethal road to go down.

My big problem with the study is it doesn’t control for socio-economic status (yes, I know it’s a socialist term). It would be very powerful to show that women who are just as poor as each other have different death rates depending on their decisions to pursue abortions or not.

Along those same lines it now appears that the link between abortion and breast cancer (which I had previously thought debunked, so I never used that kind of lit nor did I use the breast cancer argument) is true. It was “debunked” by flawed and biased studies. Figures.

Ten studies touted by those who claim there is no link between abortion and breast cancer have been debunked in a new analysis being released today.

Published in the winter edition of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, the findings were compiled by Joel Brind, Ph.D., president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute and a professor at Baruch College of the City University of New York. Brind’s paper is an update of a similar analysis he completed in 1996.

This leaves very few good arguments in my mind for abortion. If abortion leads to a higher chance of breast cancer and a higher mortality rate, what medical reason is there to get an abortion? Very few I’m sure.


I decided to put my Holiday Gift Guide series on my other blog:


Christmas Gift Guide IV

I freely admit that I borrowed the holiday gift guide idea from Dave Barry, who does his own gife guide every year with hilarious results. For the most part, my gift guides are quite different from Barry’s. I focus on new technology and gadgets, and Dave finds weirder than weird stuff.

Here are the highlights for Dave Barry’s guide this year:

KISS as rubber duckys

Poop Freeze

Poop backpack for your dog

Something to do with nipples (kinda scary in fact)

And you’ll just have to find out for yourself what the hell this is: